Electoral College

Guest Submission by Gene Brown

Every four years we hear a hue and cry to revamp or remove the Electoral College.  It is my opinion that the individuals that beat this drum are ignoring or don’t understand American Civics.

A favorite argument is that the Electoral College exists because travelling took so long when our nation was formed.  While it may sound logical, it is incorrect.

The Electoral College is a reminder that we are not a National Democracy; we are a Con-Federation of sovereign states.  Under our system of government, it is the states that elect the president, not the people.

We need a president who appeals to and understands the diversity that is in our American states.  The men from our western states still tip their hats to and open doors for the ladies.  Men in big cities on the east coast will arm wrestle women for a taxi.  Southern boys will give up their weekends for NASCAR, while the boys in California are consumed with “hanging ten.”  Alaskans covet a moose pot roast, while Floridians prefer alligator tails.

We need a president who appreciates the autonomy of each and every state.  Article IV: Section

4 of the Constitution specifically requires:

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government,”

That does not mean that every state is exactly the same.  Four states are actually commonwealths; instead of counties, one state has parishes and one has boroughs, one state has only one legislative house, and the authority of governors varies greatly from state to state.  There are different ways of doing the people’s business, and the man who seeks to manage the federal government’s business needs to understand that.

We need a president who understands that states with population centers of investors, merchants, bankers, tradesmen or celebrities would have nothing to invest in, sell, mortgage, manufacture or celebrate without the successful efforts of states with farmers, ranchers, miners, foresters, or drillers.

The Electoral College is not broken or even antiquated; it is a beacon of state sovereignty.  As a nation, we have conducted 56 presidential elections, and only 4 of those elections produced an outcome where the Electoral College differed from the national popular vote.  Of those four presidents three served only one term.

This tells me that the states get it right more often than not, and when, or if, they get it wrong, they fix it the next time around.

Considering who our current resident of the White House is that gives me comfort.

Our founders did everything they could to ensure that America would NOT become a Democracy, but a Republic, where the rule of law ensures personal liberty and freedom.  The Electoral College is a permanent institution created to ensure that our 50 states produce that very outcome.

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