Hot Air | Obama: Republicans haven’t “lifted a finger” for job creation

The economy faces “serious headwinds” (no, guys — seriously), it’s not my policies that aren’t working but rather our darn Constitutional government that is failing us, we need to pad public payrolls to put people back to work, more green energy investments, blah blah blah.

Enough already with this blatant lie that Republicans haven’t been doing diddly-squat to try and get America moving again. The House GOP has put together and passed gobs of legislation that would spur our economy, and while Democrats accuse them of doing so for the sake of mere political stuntsmanship (yes, I just made that word up) that makes it look like they’re doing something, President It’s-Never-My-Fault Obama is doing the exact same thing.

He calls the Republicans uncompromising, but he keeps going back to his horrible jobs bill that won’t pass. That plan is dead, Mr. President — either let it go and move (ahem) forward, or stop calling everybody else except you an obstructionist. It takes two to tango. Republicans aren’t waiting until after Obama is out of office to bother fixing the economy — they’re preventing the economy from getting worse by blocking Obama’s big-government agenda.



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