Mr. L: Why Romney Will Win in 2012 & Why Palin May Challenge Him in 2016

Frequent C4P commenter and Palin supporter, Mr. L has an interesting take on a Romney candidacy and presidency and the very active role Palin will still play in the arena of national politics.

While opinions seem to keep varying as Romney’s inevitability grows, this is one definitely worth listening to since it states the factor of Palin’s undeniable presence — both in and out of government.

The argument he makes is that if Obama wins in 2012, the GOP field in 2016 will be much too crowded.  If Romney wins, Palin would be the only threat if he doesn’t govern effectively for the next four years.  Nobody will challenge him including Christie, Jeb Bush, or other approved members of the GOPe.

The video is below and his accompanying thoughts on it are on his blog here.


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