Stalwart #JustaBloggers Catch Bloomberg News Red-Handed “Makin’ Things Up”

Just the other night on Sean Hannity’s television show, Juan Williams in trying to make his case about how reporting is done, chastised our dear friend Michelle Malkin by stating that he’s a reporter and she’s…well… Just A Blogger:

Listen I tell you what Michelle, I’m a real reporter… I’m not a blogger out in the blogosphere.

Yes. A real reporter.  Because we can trust real reporters, right?  They ALWAYS tell us the truth and they NEVER fabricate information or quotes or anything like those silly blogger people probably do, since they’re not nearly as informed as the pros.  Right Juan?

Well…perhaps not:

Fantastic keynote speaker Sarah Palin mocked the inhabitants of MakeUpCrap-istan who disparage investigative bloggers while manufacturing the news themselves to fit their agendas.

Super-blogger Sooper Mexican skewered MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell yesterday and we in the #JustABlogger club have been having a field day with the unapologetic media fable-tellers and the Rip Van Kurtzes of the journo world.

Meanwhile, “real reporters” are on the job in other outlets…doing the apparent quote-manufacturing that #JustABlogger won’t do.

Thanks to one of my eagle-eyed readers for tipping me off to this eye-raising editorial note in a Bloomberg News story on Mexican president Felipe Calderon and the G-20 summit (also Google cached here), which I tweeted earlier this afternoon:

Malkin noted that the editorial comment about “MAKING THIS UP” was later scrubbed, but that the quote remains in the story.

I’m sure Juan Williams would be amazed to learn that those pesky #JustaBlogger folks caught a respected, reputed news agency with their proverbial pants down.  My goodness…they aren’t even officially reporters, or anything!

This is yet another exhibit in an endless line of examples that support what Governor Palin called for at the RightOnline conference this past weekend in the tradition of Matt Drudge and Andrew Breitbart…a continuing, growing and ever vigilant movement of citizen journalists who get the facts out there to the general public and expose the truth the democrat media complex doesn’t want known.  To do the job they refuse to do.

The only thing protecting the people from the lies pushed by the lamestream media are the efforts of those who tirelessly keep watch and stand guard.  The JABbers.  The #JustABloggers.  So thank you, Michelle Malkin and Sooper Mexican, and every vigilant citizen out there who stands firm ready to expose the truth!

Perhaps Juan Williams should ask you guys for some tips on how to actually report the news as opposed to engaging in transparent propaganda on behalf of President Wrecking Ball.

Just a thought.



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