Steve Huntley | Wisconsin Gov’s Collective-Bargaining Reforms a Resounding Success

The curious thing is that, judging from the campaign rhetoric, the issue that prompted today’s recall election, Walker’s reform of public employee unions, isn’t at center stage in the debate. It hardly got mentioned in the closing weeks of the campaign by Democrat Tom Barrett, mayor of Milwaukee, to unseat Walker. Rather than campaign on collective bargaining, Barrett talked about the economy and jobs, women’s issues and an investigation into Walker’s aides during his previous elective office in Milwaukee.

The reason for that is quite simple: Walker’s collective bargaining reforms turned out to be a resounding success.

Public service employees are finally making reasonable contributions to their pension and health benefits. Government employee unions no longer dictate work rules. Local school districts and governments with new latitude to renegotiate contracts have saved Wisconsin taxpayers $1 billion, according to the governor’s office.



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