Tony Lee’s Top 10 Quotes From Governor Palin’s RightOnline Speech

Via Big Government’s Tony Lee:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin delivered a call to arms to the online “Army of Davids” in its battle against the Goliath that is the “lamestream media” Friday at the RightOnline conference in Las Vegas.

Of course, this was also the late Andrew Breitbart’s life’s mission, and Palin keynoted the fifth annual conference on the same night it honored Breitbart’s life and legacy. Palin showed once again how she, like Breitbart, could inspire conservatives, be funny, and mock liberals in a way that allows her message to cut through the mainstream media’s filter.

Here are the top ten quotes from her address.

1. On not being co-opted by the permanent political class

Sometimes you gotta rage against the machine … to hold them accountable … Whatever the outcome is in November, please do not get co-opted by the permanent political class. Granted you will not make many friends in the Beltway or in Hollywood … or in HBO … you won’t be one of the cool kids … doggone it … aww … sometimes you’ll find yourself under the bus … but you need to stay outside of the machines … sometimes you gotta rage against it … stay outside of the political establishments in order to hold them accountable … don’t spin the GOP failures the same way the left does for President Obama …

2. On Andrew Breitbart’s legacy of fearlessness

As we honor Andrew Breitbart, remember his greatest gift he left for us is fearlessness … and I would hope … that you would be able to reload with that inspiration of his fearlessness … stand your ground and others will stand with you .. courage inspires courage .. victory begets victory … don’t retreat, reload with that inspiration.

Check out Tony’s entire article to see the other eight. There’s another quote I particularly liked from her speech.  While discussing the unsustainable debt Obama has saddled us with, she pointed out that we’re already indoctrinating our youth to follow the same path individually as the government: Take on crushing debt so we can throw a wild party today and worry about the consequences later … or not at all.

And then we see another shift recently: Enabling and encouraging our promising young people that they can just sign on the dotted line and take all those college loan dollars that are available.  Take all you can get. Saddle up and saddle yourself with $100,000 in college debt for a degree in, oh, say, post structural feminist neo-colonial underwater basket weaving because the job market is so ripe for that. Don’t worry about the future, kids. Just have fun. So now we have a generation of folks who are shackled with lifetime debt and often with useless degrees.


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