Bill O’Reilly: Governor Palin ‘Was Not Really Very Nice’ to Romney

Via The Undefeated on Facebook, I discovered an article by Daria DiGiovanni about Bill O’Reilly’s coverage of what he called “bad blood” between Governor Palin and Mitt Romney. He used such a description to segue into his version of why the Governor has not been invited, at least not yet, to speak at the Republican National Convention in Tampa next month. It’s clear he doesn’t think such an invitation is forthcoming, either, because, according to him, at this stage of the game, “she’d have to sleep in a tent.”

Bill, of course, hardly ever lets people talk, which is, first of all, rude. Second, this means he’s doing most of the talking himself, which, when it comes to Governor Palin, he too often gets wrong. Tonight was no exception. Daria calls him out on it, defining his interview on the matter as “dishonest”:

Anyway, it’s not surprising that Bill couldn’t wait to devote a segment tonight to the GOP’s alleged snub of Palin at the RNC, which I’ve already noted would be a HUGE mistake, if true. And once again, he was completely dishonest in accusing Palin of “trashing” Romney. Yes, she like many other conservatives supported another candidate. And in interviews when prompted, she offered her suggestions as to how Romney could connect with the base of the party.

But “trash” him? She most certainly did not.

What makes this so ironic is that Mitt Romney’s surrogates have been trashing Palin for years.


But neither O’Reilly nor either of his guests tonight, one of whom was the wonderful conservative actress/author/blogger/radio host Janine Turner bothered to mention the Romney surrogates harsh treatment of Palin, perpetuating the false notion that supporting another candidate in a primary and pointing out Mitt Romney’s political weaknesses when prompted in interviews are tantamount to “trashing” him. To her credit, Janine did strongly recommend that Palin have a prominent role at the RNC for the sake of unity and “putting all the puzzle pieces together” — a sentiment with which I wholeheartedly agree.

Read the full article here.

What I heard O’Reilly say is that during the primary season, Governor Palin was “not really very nice” to Mitt Romney. I pose this question: Why is it that when Governor Palin, as a Fox News contributor, is asked to comment on a candidate, and she cooperates, she’s “not really very nice”? Are Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer, or Brit Hume “not really very nice” when they provide feedback? Or is that a phrase political pundits only apply to women because they expect women to offer no strong, meaningful response? Furthermore, Governor Palin has actually been more than fair and balanced when it comes to Mitt Romney, qualities on which Bill O’Reilly supposedly prides himself–or so the “humble correspondent” would tell us. I imagine there’s plenty that the Governor could say about Romney that she has refrained from saying. So if anything, she’s been more gracious–or shall we say “nicer”?–than many of us would be if asked about Romney.

Bill O’Reilly’s “bad-blood-may-be-overstating-it,” “not-really-very-nice” segment about Governor Palin was a farce and just more of the same. Methinks he’s still stewing over her long-overdue demand that he stop interrupting and actually allow her to answer a question.

Bill O’Reilly: pinhead or patriot? We report; you decide.

Here’s the segment:

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