Cruz/Dewhust Runoff, Zoller-Georgia Election and Palin On Greta Tonight (Open Thread), UPDATE: Cruz Wins! UPDATE II: TP Forces Establishment Into Georgia Runoff

Today is the day for Texas.  The exciting runoff election between Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz and establishment-blessed David Dewhurst is decided today.  Stay tuned as details come in after the polls close at 7PM CST.

Also, the polls are still open in Georgia for Palin endorsed Martha Zoller for Georgia’s 9th District.

Also, tonight on Greta, 10PM EST, Governor Palin will be on to discuss the results.  And while Fox News is reporting that Governor Palin is to remark on her status regarding the GOP convention, we want to make it clear that Governor Palin or SarahPAC has made no official announcements.

Stay tuned for further developments….


View Georgia’s Polling Results here as they come in.

View Texas’s Polling Results here as they come in.

For Texas, it looks like Politico is bringing in results a little quicker.

Polls are closed.


Politico calls it for Cruz!


According to Politico, in Georgia’s 9th District House race, the establishment-Collins is now forced into a runoff to take place August 21st. (Zoller continues to gain in current night’s numbers)

A great night for Gov. Palin and the Tea Party.

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