DC | Todd Starnes: ‘Bitter America’ loves West and Palin, not Obama and Mitt

Starnes says what may be surprising to some reading his book is that “Bitter  America” is not some neat geographical area. It can be found all over the  country.

“I discovered that there are ‘Bitter Americans’ from coast to coast,” he  said.

“I even found some living among the liberals in my Brooklyn neighborhood.  These are people who love America, who love the traditions and values that make  this country great. If you believe the Mainstream Media, the folks who live in ‘fly over’ country are the anomalies. But in reality, it’s the folks who live in  the big cities who are the anomaly. Most of the United States shares the same  values: God, family, country. These are the values that make us strong.”

But though Starnes argues that “Bitter Americans” lack enthusiasm for the  president, he says they aren’t too excited about Mitt Romney either.

“People are sick and tired of Democrats and Republicans,” said Starnes.

“They have trust issues. There is a sense among conservatives that the  Republican Party only wants their votes, not their values. It’s this idea of ‘shut up and do what you’re told.’ There’s a reason why folks like Sarah Palin  and Allen West are resonating with conservatives. It’s because they not only  talk the talk, but they walk the walk. Voters respect that.”


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