Edward Klein | Despite fleeting Supreme Court victory, Obama’s still an amateur

In ancient Rome, whenever a general was given a victory parade, he would be  accompanied in his chariot by a slave who whispered into his ear, “Heed not the  call of the crowds, for all glory is fleeting.”

Someone ought to be whispering that advice into Barack Obama’s ear right now,  for if ever there was a fleeting victory, it was the Supreme Court’s ruling that  ObamaCare is constitutional—a decision that will lead to the largest tax  increase in American history and leave Obama and the entire Democratic ticket  vulnerable at the ballot box in November.

But don’t count on David Axelrod, the president’s top political strategist,  to perform the duty of the prudent Roman slave. These days, Axelrod isn’t  whispering; he’s shouting from the rooftops that the Supreme Court ruling is  proof that a new, politically skillful Obama has replaced the callow, arrogant  incompetent that I describe in my book “The Amateur.”

And Obama has joined this chorus of self-congratulation. Minutes after the  Supreme Court’s ruling, he got on his smart phone and tweeted: “Still a BFD”—a  reference to Vice President Joe Biden’s “big f—king deal” comment when Obama  signed the health care legislation.

The notion that Obama has changed his stripes, that he is actually a better  and more effective president than any of us suspected, is pure hogwash.



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