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Guest Submission by Gene Brown

I was watching PJ TV’s, Trifecta this week as they were discussing President Obama’s ridiculous assertion that business owners don’t really build their own businesses.  They emphasized that when the president ignores his handlers and goes off of his TelePrompTer, we get an insight into what he really believes about the relationship between American business owners and the government.

They also touched on the irony of these words by President Obama:

“The internet didn’t get invented on its own, government research created the internet so that all the companies could make money off of the internet.”

Historically, the internet was not developed for commerce; in 1962, it was needed to protect military research data in the event of a nuclear attack.  The irony is that the Department of Defense footed the bill for the for the development of the internet, and today the Department of Defense is the only portion of government that President Obama has shown any desire to reduce.

The Department of Education has produced lower academic scores. The Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency have developed restrictions and moratoriums that interfere with economic progress.  The Department of Agriculture has produced Food Stamps.  The Treasury has developed the IRS.

These institutions can’t possibly compete with the myriad developments or inventions that the DOD has contributed to our society.

The Army and the Navy have been developing RADAR since the 1930’s.  Their strides in understanding RADAR have saved military and civilian lives, and modern day entrepreneurs have developed police radars, air traffic control radars and the microwave oven.

The Interstate Highway System was envisioned by President Eisenhower to copy the Autobahn of World War II Germany.  He understood the wisdom of being able to move military men and material rapidly and easily.  Producers and transporters move civilian goods and equipment on those same highways to the benefit of all Americans.

The Global Positioning System was developed so that military planes and soldiers on the ground would not have to depend on ground based navigation systems, which an enemy might just turn off.  Commercial and private pilots benefit from the accuracy of GPS navigation, and you and I can find Aunt Betty’s house without asking for directions.

World War II provided the impetus for changing tube-type radios into portable radios (walkie-talkies) for Soldiers and Marines on far away shores.  Enthusiasts of ham radio, citizens band radio and personal walkie-talkies abound today.

It is glaringly obvious that our civilization has benefitted tremendously from the Department of Defense.  Well, it is obvious to most of us.

Which brings us to the heads up display, since the earliest “grease pencil” mark on the inside of a cockpit canopy; military airmen have used an aiming device of some sort.  Today’s displays project enormous amounts of important data onto the windscreen which allows the pilot to keep his head up and be aware.

Seems like an actor or a politician could benefit from a similar device, like a TelePrompTer!

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