Governor Palin: ‘Stars Earn Stripes’…Wimps Need Not Apply!

Todd Palin is a participant in Stars Earn Stripes, a competition to benefit our nation’s finest. I watched the preview. This is serious business! Today, Governor Palin shared this message:

“Stars Earns Stripes” is honoring our veterans and first responders who are fighting to protect the good guys every day! Todd was privileged to work with an amazing team of production experts, competitors, and patriots in this absolutely kick-butt show that airs after the Olympics. It will blow you away as you witness what our troops and first responders go through.

I don’t know if I’ve ever met such a genuine, dedicated, and hardcore self-disciplined group of “stars” and operatives. This show can change your life if you understand the discipline and dedication our troops and first responders go through in order to bring honor to this great nation and then apply that same courage and discipline to your own life.

“Stars Earn Stripes”…wimps need not apply! 🙂

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