Help Chuck Heath, Sr. and Chuck, Jr. Choose Book Tour Cities

Our Sarah: Made in Alaska is scheduled for release on September 25th. After their book about Governor Palin hits the shelves, Chuck Heath, Sr and Chuck, Jr. will hit the road–on a book signing tour. They want you to be a part of this exciting experience–not just by showing up on the tour, but by actually helping to decide where they should take the tour and working with them at the book signing table.

So, to what cities should the father-son team travel as they share their book that provides an up-close and personal look into who Governor Palin really is? Chuck, Sr and Chuck, Jr. will read your suggestions and actually visit the places that are most recommended. They’re planning to travel to Texas, Alabama, Washington State, and Idaho. Florida, Ohio, and Northern California are also possibilities. However, don’t limit your suggestions to cities within these states, as other places may also be considered. Let’s brainstorm locations where there is likely to be large conservative interest so we can pack the house. Here’s your opportunity to affect where they travel. Remember, the cities with the most recommendations win. In addition to suggesting cities, please suggest particular venues, such as specific bookstores, Costco, Sam’s Club, and anywhere else you think would be good.

We all recall Governor Palin’s own Going Rogue tour. Many of us were there at various stops to meet her, purchase the bestseller, receive her autograph, and meet some interesting people in the process. It’s about time to do something like that again. Our Sarah is going on the road, so let’s help decide where that will be.

The Heaths will be looking into making opportunities available for people to help work the book signing table with them, so stay tuned for more details about this. I worked with Governor Palin at her table, and I can tell you there was nothing like being there to interact with everyone and to help her get her story to the people. Perhaps you’ll get to help her father and brother do the same.

For your information: a Facebook page for the book should be up and running very soon, which will provide a way for everyone to remain in the loop.

Okay, I’ll start off the recommendations. I think the Heaths should take their tour to Rochester, NY, as the Governor took the Going Rogue tour. The crowd at Borders Bookstore was huge, and people were in good spirits, even after spending hours in the cold and rain. I encountered a plethora of people who were supporters, one or two people who were not, and one person who wasn’t sure what to think. Whichever category people fell into, one thing was certain: each was interested in her story. Interest in Governor Palin has not waned in the years since. On the contrary, it has multiplied exponentially. Her father and brother are sharing more of her story in their own book, and I believe Rochester would be a great place to do so (even though it’s a few hours away from me).

Being the competitive person that I am, I want my suggestion to win! Therefore, I encourage my fellow New Yorkers to join in and recommend Rochester with me. Remember, the cities with the most recommendations win.

So what say the rest of you?

The Heaths look forward to reading your suggestions in this thread.

Although the book hits shelves on September 25th, it has already been made available for pre-order. Amazon has it here. We may also acquire the Kindle edition and the audiobook. Barnes and Noble offers the Nook Book. We may also order it from

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