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Guest Submission by Gene Brown

The presidential campaign of 2012 should be about one question and one question only.  It is the same question every American has ever asked of any president wanting a second term.  Ronald Reagan asked the nation this question when he ran against Jimmy Carter.

 “… are you better off today than you were four years ago?”

Presidents are political beasts, so it is expected that they will claim credit for the completion of good things, and seek to avoid blame for bad things that started in a previous president’s term.

Americans are generally forgiving of the “new kid on the block,” and will usually give the newcomer a grace period of three to six months to see how his new policies are working.  Our current president has had three years.

So, he has had ample time to keep, enhance, and bask in the esteem of economic policies that were successful for the previous guy.  He has also had ample time to discard, replace, and pad his prestige from his newly implemented economic policies.  Unfortunately, millions of citizens, our neighbors, are out of work, and many small businesses, all of us know one, have closed.

He has had plenty of time to tweak existing foreign policy, or institute wholesale “change” to advance our status as a world power.  Instead he has bowed to foreign leaders, embarrassed or ignored our allies, and embraced fanatical tyrants.  This has decreased our national safety and damaged our international prestige.  He has not reduced the overall number of terrorists, and he has not offered an alternative to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba?

The policies of his governmental departments have pummeled your civil liberties and freedoms.  The government wants to keep citizens from building their homes where they want, it wants to dictate which insurance policies we buy, and it wants to advise us which news sources we should avoid?

Regardless of what any pundit says, writes, or broadcasts, this election is a referendum on the presidency of Barrack Obama.  Voters may be jealous of the wealth of Mitt Romney, but the policies of Barack Obama are the reasons they are unemployed.

Voters may think that Mitt Romney’s views are not conservative enough, I am one.  However, it is Barack Obama’s energy policies and his out-of-control Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency that have instituted moratoriums on drilling that has driven the cost of gasoline and petroleum products in general out of sight.

Not every voter understands the intricacies associated with investing with entities such as Bain Capital.  However, we do recognize the difference between investing personal monies and wasting tax payer funds on select businesses.  Obama took care of some his campaign cronies by ensuring they got government loans and started companies like Solyndra, Abound Solar, Beacon Power, and Ener1.  These companies produced neither jobs nor products, and ended up bankrupt.

Barack Obama’s campaign won’t ask you to judge him by his record.  They already know that very few are better off today than three years ago!

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