Kevin Fobbs: Romney’s Best Convention Strategy – Let Sarah Palin Speak

Kevin Fobbs has a great article at the Examiner:

Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” President Franklin Delano Roosevelt thundered out those captivating words at his first inaugural speech in 1933. GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney must seriously confront the political ghosts haunting his decision to let Sarah Palin speak at the GOP National Convention in August in Tampa, FL. Allow Palin to speak so that a Romney administration can turn economic retreat by Obama into economic advance.

This is the time when Romney has the opportunity to not fall into the carefully laid traps of liberal commentators like MSNBC Chris Matthews with his over the top hyperbole or his fellow liberal combatant-in-arms Lawrence O’Donnell. Each has never seemed to miss an opportunity to cast verbal grenades at Sarah Palin, since 2008. Their goal is quite simple, demonize Palin, the Tea Party and plant the seeds of distrust in the American consciousness that Palin and the Tea Party is Kryptonite to Romney and in their crude way, also to America.

This liberal convention strategy is quite clear. They want fear of Sarah Palin to be the ongoing sound bite that reverberates in Romney’s mind. Liberals want the truth about the horrendous economic affects that millions of Americans are feeling every single moment of every single day in their homes to be blurred out. They want Americans who are hurting in Ohio, Tennessee, Iowa, Indiana, and Michigan and all over the nation to be hidden behind campaign advertising lies blasting daily in their homes. If Sarah Palin is added to this liberal narrative, then her ability to connect and motivate conservatives and millions of independents is neutralized by their calculated deceit.

But you see, the “nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror” fear that the liberal media provocateurs try to place at Sarah Palin’s doorstep is truly unjustified and misplaced. Americans are much smarter than that.

Sarah Palin has not kept 23 million Americans jobless. Sarah Palin is not responsible for unemployment being above 8 percent for 42 months straight since February 2009, according to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics. Sarah Palin is not responsible for ongoing tragedy of 1.6 million children who are homeless, according to a study released by National Center on Family Homelessness in December 2011. There is a name for this fear and his name is President Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama and his media ad crafters know that American voter know full well the name of their fear for America’s future. They know that and he is not nameless, nor is their fear unreasoning, nor is their fear unjustified terror. Their fear is a renewal of another 4 year lease on the White House by President Obama.

With this dismal truth as the back drop, enters Sarah Palin, at the GOP Tampa convention. She is focused and determined as she stands at the convention podium. She elevates the conventioneers’ enthusiasm because she helps them to feel the electricity of renewal of dynamic faith in America’s “can do” belief.

Romney is the direct beneficiary of Palin’s rallying call that brings even Americans in their homes to their feet with a dynamic feeling in their hearts that vibrant hope, and definite positive meaningful change for their families, and for their future will be unleashed after Obama is sent packing in November.

Therefore, fear of what may happen at the convention podium cannot be the driving rationale that Romney uses for depriving Palin a primetime speaking role. Romney has to be the warrior for American families who will utilize all the power at his disposal, and not be consumed by political pundits who desperately deliberate in backrooms conjuring up methods to play defense against the Obama political machine.

Throw out that playbook and select Sarah Palin, because in less than a month, the millions of families who live on farms, in cities, suburbs, and millions of others living in homeless shelters will not want to be exposed to a political convention where it is business as usual. Romney, include Palin’s steel will and her vibrant clarion call to join with yours and allow America to feel a new dawn in their life, in their family’s future and in America is going to be possible.

At the convention, be the true American leader, who does not fear the past, does not fear the present, but embraces all vibrant spirits and voices who can and will make a difference at the convention. Lead at the convention from strength and not fear.

In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory.” President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933.

Sarah Palin can and will make a difference at the GOP national convention, and add vigor and build the support needed to unseat President Obama in November. Her speech can help turn a presidential bid into a presidential victory. And there begins the true transformation of Romney the candidate to Romney the American leader who will take back the White House.

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