Lloyd Marcus: Reagan Is Gone – Is Sarah Palin America’s Next ‘Great Cheerleader’?

Via Lloyd Marcus at the American Thinker:

So  where are the prominent voices who are standing up and celebrating the goodness  and greatness of America?  Reagan always touted the goodness of America and  how God is with us.  Michael Reagan said his dad was America’s last great  cheerleader.  Sadly, I must agree.  Although there is one strong  contender for the next great cheerleader.

Sarah  Palin has stood up touting the greatness of America, and look what the Obama  administration and the mainstream media have attempted to do to her.   Disgracefully, millions of ill-informed Americans view Palin as a nutcase  far-right extremist.

Think  about that, folks.  Because Palin boldly stands up for traditional family  values, God, and country, the left has tried to crucify not only Palin herself,  but also her entire family.  Showing more “kahonies” than many Republican  males, Palin continues to be a relentless cheerleader for Ronald Reagan’s and my  dad’s America.  But Sarah Palin is only one courageous woman.  To  conquer the shock-and-awe assault on our country by Obama and his media minions,  we need an army of cheerleaders.

To  pass patriotism on to our children and our children’s children, we need many  more American cheerleaders — teaching character, hard work, education, and the  goodness and greatness of this extraordinary, unique, successful experiment  called America.

A  female relative of mine said, “Sarah Palin — and she wants to tell women —  no, no no!”  She never did tell me specifically what Palin said that  was so offensive.  All she knew was that Palin is bad for women.  In  reality, though, Sarah Palin epitomizes everything the feminist movement claims  to desire for women.  Palin is a successful homemaker and  businesswoman.  My clueless relative clearly bought into the left’s  campaign to destroy Palin.

I  sang “God Bless America” the other day, and toward the end of the song, my eyes welled up.  I felt a little  embarrassed, silly, and old-fashioned.  Good things such as love, honor,  character, and courage stir my emotions.  For a moment I thought, “Toughen up, Lloyd — people today do not feel such passion for their  country and traditional values.”  But I rebuked such media-inspired  nonsense.  A majority of Americans still do believe, like my dad and Reagan  did, in truth, justice, and the American  way.

People  on both sides of the political aisle, some secretly, liked Reagan because he was  a man of character.

As  a young black kid clueless about politics, I found that Reagan’s speeches made  me feel good and believe in myself and my country.  Who will help Palin  fill the void — courageously pick up the baton of inspiration which has lain  dormant since the passing of President Reagan?

Will  you stand with Sarah Palin, cheering on America — risk being demonized and  persecuted for the greater good — the future of our country?

Sarah,  I am with you, sista!  As for the rest of you, please join  us.

You can read Marcus’ entire piece here.

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