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This week on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla: Another Sarah Palin endorsement! Governor Palin throws her weight behind Martha Zoller, candidate for the House in Georgia! Meantime Sarah Palin gets out the vote for Ted Cruz in Houston at a raucous rally! Voters can help both Zoller and Cruz at the ballot box on Tuesday. Also, Governor Palin supports Chick-fil-A while blasting Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Plus, the Governor touts Todd Palin’s new show and remembers the great Sally Ride! It’s all on SarahNET Radio ON DEMAND!

Zoller Excited to be on Gov. Palin’s Endorsement Short List

Scholla observed that Gov. Palin’s 2012 list is more exclusive, more targeted than 2010 – focusing principally on Senate candidates. He asked Zoller how it feels to be on that exclusive list. “I’m very excited about it, because I think Gov. Palin represents what’s best about the Tea Party, what’s best about people who want to commit to their country,” Zoller said.

Zoller on Listening vs. Talking at Constituents

“Gov. Palin said, ‘it’s time that our elected officials stopped talking at us and started listening to us.’ She says, ‘you will do that,'” Scholla said.

“That’s exactly what I’m going to do and that’s what I’ve done. I’ve been in the corporate world, I’ve helped run my husband’s medical practice, I’ve worked to raise a family, but I’ve also built a media career over the last [16 years as a talk radio host]. That’s what I’ve done. I’ve listened to people. You can’t be successful in talk radio [without listening]. Talk radio is not just about talk. It’s about listening,” Zoller said. She added that her talk show background will help her, because “talk radio is a discussion….you learn a lot from your listeners,” aside from it keeping you current with issues.

Zoller’s MAP for Prosperity: Accountability, Bold Reform, Citizen Engagement

Zoller’s Map for Prosperity was borne out of her campaign’s multiple travels throughout Georgia’s 20-county Ninth Congressional District. She met with potential constituents at gazebos, town hall meetings and local functions and asked them what they want from their next Congresswoman. Those desires formed the three core missions of the MAP: accountability, bold reform, and citizen engagement. “Accountability: they wanted that if Congress didn’t balance the budget, they didn’t get a full paycheck.” Zoller said that this happened in the 1930s – the Great Depression, and that it needs to happen now because times are tough.

She supports term limits, and under the category of bold reform, “it’s about cutting spending first. It’s about getting regulations out of the way for small business especially,” and examining the tax code. Zoller said she is a “fair taxer,” but said “we don’t have a Presidential candidate who supports the fair tax, so we’re going to have to fight to change the tax code.”

Under citizen engagement, Zoller plans to use her communication and listening skills to inform constituents of what is happening in Washington, D.C., and include them in the process.

Scholla said that Gov. Palin’s 2010 and 2012 endorsements have mapped out their goals, objectives, and positions on issues for the offices they seek. Zoller said “the MAP is a big hit,” because it’s something constituents can hold in their hands and see clearly where she stands on the issues. Every member of her staff will have a copy and will be expected as part of the jobs to “be as close to the MAP as they can be.”

Zoller: Changes Will Be Discussed Honestly. No Spin, No Bull

She said if something needs to be changed, “we’re not going to spin it. We’re going to go to the people and say, ‘we’ve found this out; here’s what we’re going to have to do….we’re going to communicate up-front so that we don’t have to dance around on the backside.”

Zoller’s Conservative Coalition

Scholla said that Zoller is fighting the GOP establishment and voters now have an option other than simply what the party bosses want to proffer. Her list of endorsements is a “who’s who” of conservative heavy hitters, including Sean Hannity, Eric Erickson, and Mark Levin. Organizations such as Susan B. Anthony List, which owns and operates Team Sarah, Freedom Works, and Citizens United have endorsed Zoller. Tea Pary Express, Tea Party.NET, and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich have endorsed her as well. Being Gov. Palin endorsed candidate, Zoller is automatically on the American Grizzlies United 2012 Primary Candidates List.

Zoller said she has been able to build a conservative coalition encompassing grassroots Tea Partiers “all the way up to conservative leaders who don’t always get behind the same person. They’ve gotten behind me, because first of all, they know me and they know the caliber of my work. I have been on the air for more than three hours a day for more than a decade.” She said her opponent has “pulled things out of context and tried to make me look silly, but you know what? People know me. They know what sounds like me and what doesn’t sound like me,” she said. Though her campaign has had less money than her opponent, Zoller said she “we have been conservative and we have done more with less.”

Zoller on Chick-Fil-A President’s Free Speech Rights

Scholla asked Zoller about her thoughts on the Chick-Fil-A flap, in which Chicago’s Thug-in-Chief mayor, Rahm Emanuel wants to deny the chain a permit, because its owner is for marriage as being one man and one woman. “The bottom line is Dan Cathy expressed his freedom of speech to say what he’s doing with the profits he is earning from his company which is privately held. He supports organizations that support the traditional family. He didn’t bash gays; he didn’t bash same-sex marriage; he didn’t go out and criticize anybody. He said what he is for. Okay? He has the right to do that,” Zoller said. She continued, “In fact, we’ve been going to Chick-Fil-A all week long. We go all the time, but we made a special point to go more this week.”

She said that when she went, the parking lot was full and people were backed up waiting to get in to secure a spot. Everybody was supporting Chick-Fil-A. She said that someone on Facebook posted that “you’re anti-gay because you’re supporting Chick-Fil-A.” Zoller messaged the poster and gave her cell phone number. “What are you so angry about,” Zoller asked the woman who called her back. Zoller then told her the truth about the interview and asked her, “don’t you believe in freedom? Don’t you believe you have the right to go anywhere you want and spend your money? Why are we letting organizations tell us that? Rahm Emanuel is wrong. Massachusetts is wrong, but I was very surprised that Mayor Bloomberg who wants to control the amount of your Big Gulp said ‘Chick Fil-A has the right to be anywhere they want to be'”

Scholla and his four-year-old partook in a Chick-fil-A dinner earlier in the week. Zoller said, “it’s a good product. It’s not the cheapest out there, but it’s good quality, good service and you know what? They’re a privately held company that employs a lot of people and you have the right to go there or not go there.” She said people should not pushing to boycott the chain because the owner is pursuing his own values. She said the President has received death threats and the VP died of a heart attack, which may have been unrelated, but the owners were under a lot of stress.

“You cannot support free speech and the Constitution only when you agree with it,” Zoller said. “You have to support it all the time.”

Zoller on Bitter, Bloody Primary Race

Scholla noted that “some news reports have called this primary race, ‘bitter, sometimes even bloody.'” He asked, “Would you go with those descriptions?”

“I would. I didn’t want it to be that way, but the establishment is terrified of me. They have a hand-picked successor and he has not been able to run on his record. All he’s done is run on attacking me,” Zoller said. “I’ve got a long public record. If you want to find 10 or 15 seconds of me saying something that might seem out of character, you can find it, because a lot of times part of talk radio is being a devil’s advocate, getting discussions going. I’ve done a lot of television,” she said. “There was one particular clip out there that he took 15 seconds out of a one-hour interview and tried to characterize my position on immigration based on that. In fact the news organizations who did the interview said [his actions were] misleading.”

Zoller has struck back, contrasting her opponent’s record on voting for tax increases and a debt ceiling increase within the last three months. “We are contrasting his record and staying positive, but we are not taking this stuff lying down,” she said.

“This is a game they’ve been playing recently. They did it with Romney when he went into WaWa and ordered a sandwich,” Scholla said. He also recounted Huckabee’s description of a quote against former Congresswoman, Gabby Giffords that was pulled and implied to be said after she was shot as part of a lunatic’s rampage. “It doesn’t get dirtier than that,” Scholla said.

Zoller said her polling numbers are up, there are three candidates in the race, “and there is a path to win without a runoff, and I will not give up until 7:00 on Tuesday when the polls close.”

Zoller’s Areas of Commonality with Gov. Palin

Scholla asked Zoller to tell Palin supporters what she has in common with the former Alaska Governor.

“I’m a firebrand Tea Party conservative. I’m also the mother of four….We have that in common. I am an outsider. I have fought the establishment, but I have also been a person who deals honestly with people and with issues.”

She invited listeners to go to and volunteer, donate, or email her and let her know that you’re praying for her or supporting her.

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