Report: 83 percent of doctors have considered quitting over Obamacare

This survey certainly contradicts all that crap Obama’s been peddling about being able to keep your doctor under Obamacare, wouldn’t you say?  You’ll be lucky to find one at all. Via Sally Nelson at the Daily Caller:

Eighty-three percent of American physicians have considered leaving their  practices over President Barack Obama’s health care reform law, according to a  survey released by the Doctor Patient Medical Association.

The DPMA, a non-partisan association of doctors and patients, surveyed a random selection of 699 doctors  nationwide. The survey found that the majority have thought about bailing out of  their careers over the legislation, which was upheld last month by the Supreme  Court.

Even if doctors do not quit their jobs over the ruling, America will face a  shortage of at least 90,000 doctors by 2020. The new health care law increases  demand for physicians by expanding insurance coverage. This change will  exacerbate the current shortage as more Americans live past 65.

By 2025 the shortage will balloon to over 130,000, Len Marquez, the director  of government relations at the American Association of Medical Colleges, told  The Daily Caller.

“One of our primary concerns is that you’ve got an aging physician workforce  and you have these new beneficiaries — these newly insured people — coming  through the system,” he said. “There will be strains and there will be physician  shortages.”

The DPMA found that many doctors do not believe the Patient  Protection and Affordable Care Act will lead to better access to medical care  for the majority of Americans, co-founder of the DPMA Kathryn Serkes told TheDC.

B-b-but I thought Obama guaranteed that Obamacare would extend health care to millions more people at no cost. Indeed so wonderful was the plan that it did double duty as a deficit reduction plan, the biggest once since the 1990s. (Yes, he really did say that. ) This was all utter nonsense, of course, and the survey to which the Daily Caller refers is one of the most predictable unintended consequences resulting from Obamacare. Not only will a significant number of existing doctors leave the profession, but fewer college students will enter the nation’s medical schools as well. Why would the nation’s best and brightest subject themselves to over a decade of rigorous medical training while incurring in excess of $100,000 in debt just to become glorified government bureaucrats?

The short answer is they won’t, and an acute shortage of medical professionals is just one of many reasons health care will have to be rationed when the government takes over. This provides further confirmation that Governor Palin’s “death panel” metaphor was (and is) correct. Both human and capital resources will flow to greener pastures outside the health care sector, and the remaining resources will be grossly inadequate to cover the nation’s medical needs. Any first year economics student could see this coming. Evidently that excludes those in the Obama Administration. There is one bright side, though: All those would-be physicians have an alternative profession upon which Obama places a great deal more esteem, and which requires significantly less education.

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