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Representative Vicky Hartzler, who serves the 4th Congressional District in Missouri, discussed with LaDonna Hale Curzon, Host and Executive Producer, Sarah Palin Radio, her reelection strategy to counter an onslaught from high-profile Democrats including Nancy Pelosi. “Democrats have their knives out for Rep. Hartzler because in 2010, with the help of an endorsement from Gov. Palin, she defeated Ike Skelton, a Democrat who had been in office for 34 years,” Curzon said.

Reelection Run Going Well, Tea Party Still Strong

Rep. Hartzler said her first term has gone very well so far and it has been an “honor to fight for the good people of Missouri and the conservative agenda,” however, she expressed frustration with the Senate and the White House who have been blocking our attempt to create jobs and who continue to circumvent the Constitution, but we’re fighting and I’m glad I can be there and do it.”

Curzon asked Rep. Hartzler if she thought the Tea Party successes of 2010 would carry over into this election cycle.

“I really do. I don’t think the message that we need to live within our means and we need less government and more freedom to abide by the Constitution – I don’t think that has waned at all, and I think people still know that’s what we’ve got to do in this country. They’re still energized and will be out there just as strong this year taking out different Senators and people running who don’t believe in those things. and want to continue taking us down the path of more big government. So, I feel like they do have an impact and I’m very encouraged by all the good work they’ve been doing,” Rep. Hartzler said.

Curzon asked Rep. Hartzler if she has had any polling done on her race for reelection. The Congresswoman did have polling conducted and was very encouraged by the results.

“As you know, after taking out a 34-year incumbent Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, who had been in office since I was a sophomore in high school, and the Democrats had controlled this area my entire life – if you can imagine, they’re not very happy with our victory and want to defeat me this fall and are coming after me with a well-funded candidate from trial attorneys and labor unions, and Emily’s List people. But, I feel good about where we are right now. We’re working very hard and believe we will prevail as a group again in November,” Rep. Hartzler said.

Stark Differences Between Rep. Hartzler and Opponent

“How would you say you differ from your Democrat opponent,” Curzon asked.

“About every aspect,” Rep. Hartzler said. She continued, “[Skelton] for instance, last week said that she thinks it’s ridiculous that we’re still trying to repeal ObamaCare. Well, I can tell you that needs to be repealed. It’s bad for job creation, it’s bad for every family, it’s bad for our freedom, and it needs to go. But, she’s a supporter of Nancy Pelosi’s and received campaign donations from her, and I’m sure would love to vote with her.”

Rep. Hartzler continued delineating the stark differences between the incumbent and herself.

“…she believes in big government, and I believe in individual freedom, and less government, and family values. I’m pro-life….She’s pro-choice. There’s going to be a big difference for the voters this November, but the Missouri Fourth District is conservative, it’s pro-life, it’s pro-gun, and it believes in living within its means, and I believe if we had the funds to get out our message of the good work we’ve been doing – we have a good grassroots organization, that’s working hard already, I feel like we will prevail, but it is going to be a battle and unfortunately, they are coming after me,” she said.

Jobs and Economy Most Critical Issues

Rep. Hartzler said the most critical issue in her district is jobs and the economy, “even though there are a lot of other issues that are very important to us.” She said unemployment is very high in her district, her constituents are hurting, and frustrated that the government keeps wasting precious tax dollars. She said her constituents are also concerned that we are becoming increasingly dependent on foreign countries such as China, because of our ever-increasing debt and deficit. “The main issues that come up over and over again are that we’ve got to get government out of the way and let the private sector create jobs.” She said the government has got to start living within its means and spend less.

Gay Marriage is “Bad Public Policy”

Curzon asked Rep. Hartzler about her position on gay marriage. “I think it’s bad public policy,” she said. “I really think marriage between a man and a woman is the best for society and for families and has prevailed for thousands of years, and that’s what we should stick with.” Obama up till a few months ago had been against gay marriage. He “evolved” his position in advance of a major fund-raiser attended by prominent LGBT activists.

On Potential Running Mates for Romney

Curzon asked Rep. Hartzler who she’d like to see as Mitt Romney’s running mate. “There are a lot of excellent candidates out there that I think would do a great job, and so I’m not coming out for any particular one, but I’m encouraged at several of the people I hear being talked about. I don’t know personally very many of them,” she said, but spoke about her House colleague Paul Ryan, who she does know. “He’s a very, very great guy, very smart, and would certainly be a worthy person to have on there with you.” Rep. Hartzler had met Marco Rubio only once, but liked what she heard him say. “The others sound good too,” she said.

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