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LaDonna Hale Curzon, host and executive producer, Sarah Palin Radio interviewed Maria Sheffield who is running for a Congressional seat in Georgia’s 12th Congressional District. Her race is on the National Republican Congressional Committee’s radar screen and is a Targeted Top 5 Congressional Pickup Seat. The NRCC did a $900,000 ad purchase in her district.

Sheffield said she is running because our country needs new leadership to take on the issues, not merely cast votes. She said the difference between herself and her primary opponent is that she has been a grassroots volunteer since age 15. “Conservatism is part of my life,” she said. Sheffield said she did not “become a Republican just to run for office.” Her campaign enjoys strong Tea Party support and is now starting to pick up mainstream support. Sheffield is staunch pro-life and has the endorsement of key pro-life groups such as Susan B. Anthony List, which owns and operates Team Sarah. Barry Goldwater, Jr., who is a colleague of hers, has also endorsed her. She said voters want a candidate who speaks from the heart, not from a Power Point presentation with the aid of consultants.

Though she is running against an incumbent in the general election, GA-12 is a new district and by its drawn lines is 58% Republican. The incumbent was an Obama endorsee, and his voting record is hard left. GA-12 includes a county that has one of the entire country’s highest unemployment rates. Sheffield said the economy is the most critical issue in her district, which has lost most of its manufacturing and many of its farmers are also suffering. “I like the idea of Georgia grown, not grown in Mexico or Guatemala,” she said.

Sheffield said she has spoken with business owners from both parties and they want to see a tax code that’s fair, consistent and not constantly changed. She said business owners have also complained about over-regulation. She has been shown books of regulations three inches thick. She said the time has come to say ‘no’ to more stimulus and bailouts.

She said the first thing she would do if sworn in is pray for God “to give her the wisdom to make the tough decisions that must be made.” She said candidates and politicians do too much talking and not enough listening. She declined to make grand, sweeping promises, but said she would listen to her constituents and fight for what they need.

Complete Audio Transcript of Interview with Maria Sheffield for GA-12

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