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This week on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla: Congresswoman Sandy Adams, the first House candidate endorsed by Sarah Palin in 2012 is Kevin’s special guest! The Florida Tea Party darling is in a battle for her seat against an entrenched D.C. politician. Hear this Air Force vet and former law enforcement official explain why her conservative ideas are best for the Sunshine State and America! There is so much going on in Palin Land that this will be show one of two this week! Tune in NOW to SarahNET Radio ON DEMAND!

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin had endorsed Rep. Adams in 2010. Rep. Adams said her re-endorsement was special for her and “I’m so honored to have her help and endorsement….”

The Lessons of Service

“I think being the child of a military enlisted man – one of four [children] – and traveling with him and learning about different cultures and different things out in the world besides – you know – your own little community also helped frame who I was; along with the fact that when I enlisted and later was the wife of an enlisted man who was deployed, so I’ve seen the military as the child of a military person, as the wife of a deployed military person and as an active duty person. So, that’s given me a real round-about look at how the military operates and what military families go through on a day-to-day time, and it’s so important that we understand that these are men and women are out there fighting for the very freedoms we enjoy. And, I think that old saying is always going to be accurate. Freedom is never free. And these young men and women, they go out and they fight so we have the opportunity to live in a free nation and a free country, and so it really did frame who I am, by being a part of military life,” she said.

Scholla asked, “and your sheriff’s experience? Something similar?” Rep. Adams had received Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s endorsement.

“Yes, being a law enforcement officer was very fulfilling, and it gave me the opportunity to provide for my daughter. I was a single parent for the first 20 of her 25 years, and so having the ability to continue my service as a law enforcement officer upholding our Constitution once again – as you know when you’re sworn into the military, you swear to uphold the Constitution and when you’re sworn in as a police officer, you swear to uphold the Constitution – and that’s something that I take very seriously. And, it was a very fulfilling life. I loved my law enforcement career. I still believe that I’m a police officer through and through, because I believe in our nation, and we are a nation of laws,” Rep. Adams said

Stark Contrast Between Rep. Adams and her Opponent

“Now, your race here is another one of those incumbent versus incumbent deals, but you two are not the same. You’re a Tea Party freshman, while your opponent has been in D.C. forever and cuts deals with the likes of Barbara Boxer. Big difference?” Scholla asked.

“Yes. My opponent is 20 years incumbent….He loves earmarks, and he’s not ashamed to say it and he’s been quoted as saying it in some of the papers. But, the reality of it is we can no longer continue to spend the way my opponent has been spending. When he took office, we were left with $4 trillion in debt. We’re now almost $16 trillion in debt. Washington as usual has got to stop, and that’s one of the things that myself and 86 other freshmen were sent to Washington in 2010 to tell Washington, ‘It’s time to stop the spending. It’s time to get the debt and deficit under control and repeal ObamaCare,’ and that’s exactly what we’ve been trying to do and that’s exactly what I’m going to continue to fight for, because our children and grandchildren, and their children deserve to have the same opportunities that we have,” she said.

Rep. Adams said her incumbent opponent has requested at least $4 billion in earmarks so far.

“When you hear, ‘oh, earmarks aren’t so much,’ they do add to our debt and deficit and you’ve got to remember what they are: these are things that are kind of air-dropped in – in the middle of the night – and it’s to sweeten the pot so that people who were otherwise less prone to vote for the bill will actually vote for bad policy, because they’re getting something – that sweetener so to speak – in the bill. And that’s what happens. They vote for it,” she said.

True Conservative and Relentless Reformer Rooting Out Crony Capitalism

“In endorsing you, Sarah Palin said, ‘we must support conservatives who are with us on the issues, but not weighed down with the burden of crony capitalism that is so prevalent in Washington, D.C.’ She goes on to say, ‘unlike her opponent, Sandy is free from the shackles of lobbyists and backdoor dealings in Washington.’ On the money?” Scholla asked.

“Yes. Absolutely on the money. The people I represent are the people I represent: the people of this district and the people of America. I have always said from the very beginning that “Representative” is not a title. It’s a job description. I work for the American people. I work for Central Floridians and I’m going to fight for them every step of the way. Like I said, I want the same opportunities that I was able to have so that your children and my children and their children will have those. And right now, because of the way Washington is operating for all these years, during which time my opponent was part of it and is part of it, they have – both parties – put us on a fiscal cliff. And here we are. And if we continue Washington as usual, we go off the cliff, and we cannot do that. Our children deserve better,” she said.

“Now, your opponent has brought in a lot of money. I’m hoping you’ll bridge that gap now with Palin Power, but his cash – isn’t a lot of that from special interests?” Scholla asked.

“Yes. A lot of it, and we’re hoping to bridge it too, but I always say, ‘if you’ve got the right message, it works,’ and we’re looking forward to getting a little bit more support and we’re hoping that with the endorsement will come a lot of help our way from a lot of good, true conservatives throughout this great country, because we could use their help, and if they would like to come and help us, it’s very easy. All they have to do is go to

Rep. Adams’ Priorities: Control Debt and Deficit, Repeal ObamaCare

Sholla asked Rep. Adams what her priorities will be if she is re-elected.

“My priorities will always be: get our debt and deficit under control. Make sure the government is working for you – that you’re not working for government. And repeal ObamaCare. That is now – by the statements of our own Supreme Court – the largest tax increase in our country’s history – on the American people at all levels of income. We need to repeal it. It needed to be repealed when it was first passed, because we all knew that if you put government bureaucrats between you and your doctor that – it still needs to be repealed – whether it is a tax, a mandate, or a penalty – it still puts government between you and your doctor and it is going to ration care. And, as we have all seen since its passing, healthcare costs are going up, not down. People do not like this, and they have asked us to repeal it and we are going to keep on until we do,” Rep. Adams said.

Rep. Adams’ Pro-Life and Staunch Supporter of Second Amendment

“It also looks like anyone who is pro-life or who cares about either the Second or the Fifth Amendment should vote for you too,” Scholla said.

“Oh yes! I am definitely pro-life, and I love my Amendments. Let’s put it that way. I do carry a gun. I’ve been a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment all the way through my career, and I’m going to fight to ensure that all our Amendments are protected, but I do believe in life and I definitely believe in our Second Amendment,” Rep. Adams said.

Rep. Adams on Gov. Palin’s 100% Successful Endorse Record for 2012 and Leadership

Scholla asked if Rep. Adams was impressed with Gov. Palin’s endorsement record so far. She is now the seventh candidate this year to be endorsed. Five primaries have been held and 100% of Gov. Palin’s endorsed candidates won those primaries. “I think Mama Grizzlies enjoy this sort of thing: helping those who want to protect the Constitution and busting out the endorsements, teeth, claws, and all when necessary,” Scholla said.

“I think you’re absolutely right, and I am impressed with the Governor, and I’ve always been impressed with her. She’s a strong lady. She cares about this country, and she fights for what she believes in, and those are all great characteristics,” Rep. Adams said.

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