The Atlantic Pushes the “Irrelevant” Meme in Wake of “No Invite” Newsweek Story

The left has spent years trying to convince Americans that Governor Palin is “irrelevant.” The fact that they are still claiming the same garbage in the year 2012, proves how ridiculous the claim is and has always been.

Today, The Atlantic used the revelation that Governor Palin has not been invited to the Republican National Convention to rehash this old, laughable attack-line. The article they published to “prove” their case is titled, “Sarah Palin’s Incredible Shrinking Act Is Almost Complete.” Oh, how they wish it were so…

The piece began:

Last December, after Sarah Palin announced in October she wouldn’t run for president, we started to notice she was shrinking. Now, four months ahead of the election, she seems smaller than ever. The latest sign of her diminished political significance is that Palin hasn’t even been invited to the Republican National Convention by Mitt Romney, Newsweek’s Peter Boyer reports. But it doesn’t appear that it’s because she’s too busy with other things.

The writer of this piece, Elspeth Reeve, seems to have missed some key parts of Peter Boyer’s piece. Such as the history of Palin-bashing from the Mitt Romney camp, the tenuous relationship between Romney and grassroots base voters, and this key paragraph towards the end of the Newsweek article that stated:

Palin’s admirers—and they are many, judging by Facebook and Twitter metrics, where her numbers are far greater than Romney’s—still hope for a rapprochement. “Palin is the female Ronald Reagan of our time,” says Kremer of the Tea Party Express. “There’s no one that excites the base, and energizes the base, the way that Sarah Palin does. There’s just not.”

None of that information fits the absurd narrative that The Atlantic is trying to sell to their readers, by cherry-picking the pieces of Boyer’s article that they wanted to spin. Reeve continues:

The chief of staff for her SarahPAC quit, ABC News’ Shushannah Walshe reports, because he didn’t have enough to do. Palin hasn’t totally endorsed Romney and she hasn’t done any campaign events for him, and the worst part is, hardly anyone’s noticed.

This person obviously hasn’t discovered the joy of breaking ideas into separate paragraphs, but I digress…

First of all, Governor Palin hired Michael Glassner while she was still considering running for office. After she made her decision, I’m sure she down-sized her payroll a bit. Why wouldn’t she? And what does the size of her staff have to with the relevancy of her message? The answer is that it doesn’t because people are still very much drawn to Governor Palin, and what she stands for.

Just ask anyone who has seen her speak in person, within the last few months. Or ask one of the 1,500 people who gathered in 100 degree heat to see her speak in Michigan last weekend. Governor Palin is still very much a movement leader with “rock star” popularity, and the lefties can’t stand it.

The piece continues:

Palin’s headlines have all announced a steady decline, even when we couldn’t tell that’s what was happening.

Yes, Reeve now offers up “even when we couldn’t tell” as evidence that Governor Palin’s headlines have “announced a steady decline.” Pure rubbish, on a day that saw hundreds of “Palin” headlines, most of which found a way to trash her for getting snubbed (thus far) by her own party.

Next, Reeve dives into a long string of sentences with no time-lines attached, or context added about some of Governor Palin’s staff changes, and employees who have protected Twitter accounts. The sad thing is that The Atlantic’s left-wing audience is willing to accept a protected Twitter account as proof that she’s finally irrelevant. It’s pathetic and it’s reaching.

Governor Palin didn’t get passed over by Mitt Romney and the RNC because she’s losing her influence, quite the contrary. If Governor Palin did attend the Republican Convention, and delivered a prime-time address, she would outshine their candidate a hundred times over. She didn’t mean to upstage John McCain in 2008, but she did, just by being herself. There is no doubt that Romney’s advisers aren’t aware of that. It’s nothing more than a left-wing pipe dream to think she wasn’t invited because she’s losing her stature.

The bottom-line is that she wasn’t invited to the GOP Convention because their 2012 nominee hasn’t extended an invitation. It fits the way Mitt Romney has treated Governor Palin ever since his staff started publicly trashing her before the 2008 election. It also fits the way the GOP establishment treats outsiders and reformers.

I hope The Atlantic is proud that they did their part to assist the good ole boys in the GOP establishment, cover their backsides, with this scatterbrained hit-piece.

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