Tim Carney | Poor-mouthing Obama is outraising Romney by $125m

President Obama has fooled plenty of people into thinking Mitt Romney is beating him in the race for campaign cash. This allows Obama to pose as a scrappy underdog and man of the people even as he raises and spends more money than his opponent. It’s quite a trick, supported by three money machines:

First, Obama’s campaign has outraised and outspent Romney’s campaign.

Second, the Democratic National Committee outraised and outspent the Republican National Committee.

Third, outside groups explicitly taking Obama’s side — super-PACs, 527s and PACs — have spent more than the outside groups on Romney’s side.

Obama would have everyone believe otherwise. “We’re getting outraised,” Obama wrote in a typical fundraising email this week. This is only true if you concentrate solely on the month of June, when Romney’s $105 million beat Obama’s $71 million.

Obama’s campaign has raised $326 million to Romney’s $227 million, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission and the campaign’s own reports of its June fundraising. That’s a 44 percent lead for Obama.



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