To Obama, politics is a knife fight…

When being confronted with a life-threatening event, what have YOU done?

I can’t speak for you, but I’ve had my share of scary events that entailed blood, ambulances, and in one case, death. Those events are seared in my memory, with countless thoughts about what could have been if I’d done something different. In the end, I found peace with my choices, born out of a conviction that I would do all I could, no matter the result. In giving my all, I gave all that I was capable of giving and accepted the consequences, good or bad.

I’m not trying to take you down a maudlin path, I’m only suggesting that life has its consequences and ultimately, our major consequence will always be death. After all is said and done, we must make peace with our Maker and His ultimate plan, because He is the only one who truly knows our fate.

Having said that, life-threatening events take many different forms. For most of us, we might respond vigorously to the loss of life, limb, or liberty, including those of a loved one. For liberals, they respond vigorously to any suggestion that they are wrong, as if it were truly life or death.

We have to realize that we are participants in a knife fight, instead of thinking it’s a mere disagreement. Our reticence to recognize the degree to which our opponents will fight might be our undoing. The left views our present political climate as a battlefield, for which they have been preparing for decades. We are only now beginning to recognize the field of battle and we are pressed to join it, if we still have time to effect change.

The Tea Party “gets” it, and as a result, are a major target of the Left. This is a situation that you must recognize if you’re to understand who the Left fears. They will always signal who they fear by who they attack. Make no doubt about it!

Be willing to stand up and bear the arms of your convictions. We are truly in the battle of a lifetime and the weak will be left to carry the travails of loss. Don’t let that be your legacy. Do not waste away on your death bed while saying, “I saw the fray and chose to ignore it and walk away!”

For me, I choose to ride into battle and put my abilities to use for the General’s command. If I’m struck down in battle, so be it! I’ll just not countenance an existence of doing nothing!

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