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Martha Zoller, Congressional Candidate for GA-9 had written a letter to Gov. Palin delineating her conservative principles and how she was fighting the GOP Establishment for the open seat in a new district. Gov. Palin’s parents had contacted Zoller to inform her that she had received the endorsement, Zoller said as she opened her interview with LaDonna Hale Curzon, Host and Executive Producer, Sarah Palin Radio. Though the seat would be a win for Republicans either way, Zoller said “we want to get the most conservative voice for the district, not another RINO.”

Palin Endorsement a Whirlwind and Great Exposure

“I am so glad Gov. Palin endorsed me [July 24]. and it has been a roller coaster – a whirlwind – since then. We’ve gotten great exposure from the endorsement,” Zoller said, adding that there was “no doubt that the endorsement was very important” for her campaign. “We had rolled out the Map for Prosperity at marthaforcongress.com, which is our platform for the campaign, and it’s about accountability, bold reform, and citizen engagement.” Rural GA-9 encompasses 20 counties and the campaign traveled to all of them. Zoller said the district “loves Sarah Palin. To say that I’ve got her on my team is a huge asset.”

Commonalities Between Gov. Palin and Zoller

Curzon observed that Zoller and Gov. Palin “have a lot in common.” Both women have fought the Republican establishment. Both are mothers of big families. Zoller has four children and is now an “empty nester.” Zoller said, “I never thought of myself as an outsider, because I’ve always worked within the system and gotten a lot of things done. Like Gov. Palin, I was very involved in my community as I was working my up to running for Congress, and I have been in volunteer organizations, I’ve worked in the corporate world and I’ve helped in my husband’s medical practice.” She said “when the establishment is challenged, they become a good old boys network, and we’re fighting very hard against that.”

Opponent an Establishment RINO

Her opponent is a professional politician who has voted for tax increases. Zoller wants term limits, and her opponent is against them. She said she would be accessible and available while her opponent was very difficult to find during his state legislature tenure. She said she is a conservative voice who is one of the people and has worked all her life. Her potential constituents know her well, because Zoller was a talk radio host for 16 years. “When he’s been slinging mud over the past few months, people haven’t been buying it,” Zoller said. She has 65% to 70% name recognition in her district partly because of her radio background, and also because of her strong local community roots. She’s had the same phone number for the past 20 years and intends to keep it the same. Zoller answers her own emails as well.

Zoller Up by Double Digits, But Not Taking for Granted

Zoller’s polling numbers are up by double digits, but she said the campaign is “not taking anything for granted.” She said there is early voting until (July 27), and the election is on Tuesday, July 31, on which day, Zoller predicts some 80,000 Republicans will go to the polls. She reported that 30,000 have already early voted, and there will be about 4,500 – 5,000 absentee ballots. She said “primaries during the summertime are all about turnout,” so her campaign is involved in a significant Get Out the Vote (GOTV) effort.

Who’s Who of Heavy Hitter Endorsements

Along with Gov. Palin, Sean Hannity, Eric Erickson, and Mark Levin have endorsed her. Organizational endorsements include Susan B. Anthony List, which owns and operates Team Sarah, Freedom Works, and Citizens United. Tea Pary Express, Tea Party.NET, and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich have all endorsed her. Being a Gov. Palin endorsement, Zoller is automatically on the American Grizzlies United 2012 Primary Candidates List.

Running to Serve

Zoller said she wants voters to know that “I’m going to be the same kind of person I’ve always been: a person who is available, accessible and listening to them.”

When asked why she is running, Zoller said, “my father was a POW in World War II, so I was brought up in an atmosphere of service. Throughout my life, America has been good to me. I’ve been in big business, in small business. I have a wonderful husband who has a medical practice, and I have helped him run [it] for the last two decades.” Zoller said she has seen first-hand what happens when government over-regulates and over-taxes. “I believe I’m the person with the skill set to fix it.” She said she intends to bring her understanding of business and politics to bear on the job. She said she is not afraid to call it as she sees it and though she is an outsider, Zoller is well-connected. “You’re an inside outsider,” Curzon said jokingly. “I think I’m going to coin that,” Zoller said.

Spending and jobs are the two most critical issues in her district, she said. Unemployment is 1% to 2% above the national average, because her district is very construction-based.

Zoller’s website is at: marthaforcongress.com.

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