ABC: ‘Sarah Palin, Some RNC Members Push for Convention-Floor Fight’

The Delegate-Selection controversy is going viral.  Mainstream outlets have begun noticing and its interesting that the first name they mention with regard to establishment pushback is Governor Palin (something we can be proud of). 

A convention-floor fight might still be brewing in Tampa. Fla., over a proposed Republican Party rule on delegates.

Some Republican National Committee members were up in arms Monday about a proposed rule that would weaken states’ control of who gets to attend future national conventions as voting delegates. While primaries typically determine how many delegate votes candidates will receive, states typically meet later to fill out those delegate rosters. A new rule would allow presidential candidates to veto those choices.

Republican National Committeeman Jim Bopp, who had led the movement against the rule,  reached a compromise with other RNC members Monday, but some of his fellow partisans have rejected it, according to internal emails obtained by ABC News.

Fanning the flames, Sarah Palin posted to her Facebook page urging Republican National Committee members to revolt against the proposed rule, which was supported by backers of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.


Perhaps lost in the RNC’s internal dispute is a broader change that would effectively prevent future candidates from pursuing Rep. Ron Paul’s strategy of amassing delegates at state conventions.

Another proposed change, untouched by Bopp’s compromise, would eliminate unbound Republican delegates, requiring every state to allocate delegates to presidential candidates according to statewide votes. Paul remained a topic of conversation this year without winning any states, as his supporters out-organized longstanding local party members at county and state conventions in a handful of states.

Paul gained plurality delegate support in four states in 2012; under the new rule, he would not enjoy plurality delegate support in any state.

You can read the whole thing here.

I just want to keep reminding folks that throughout this process, Governor Palin has remained 100% gracious.  The establishment got their nominee and we have all been on the same page with Governor Palin in stating that we must do what we can to help — to make sure Obama is fired.

Now consider Mary Beth’s latest post.  Now, Romney-appointed folks are replacing rules-committee members?  Really?

Apparently, it wasn’t enough for some to merely get the nominee they wanted.  By their own actions, they suggest that new rules have to be implemented to prevent further growth or influence from the bottom-up.  To independent voters who understand that replacing Obama remains priority number one, I have to say this does not make Romney look good to conservatives nor does it show him having any regard for voters outside of the beltway.

Before he shoots himself in the foot, he needs to get on board with getting these new proposed rules and replacements knocked out.  Otherwise, you can get ready for a fight that will only hurt our chances of replacing Barack Obama.

And though they’ll try like heck to do it, they won’t be able to credibly fault Palin or the Tea Party either.

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