Akin: Romney’s exploiting my situation for political gain; Update: Audio added

Via Mediaite:

Hannity asked Akin, given the number of prominent Republican politicians asking Akin to drop out including Romney, if he is even pausing to consider leaving the Senate race in Missouri.

“Let me ask you this,” Akin began. “If you were in Romney’s position, don’t you think that he may have bid this thing up and made a bigger deal about it than he needed to?”

“Why couldn’t he run his race and I run mine,” asked Akin. “If things really look like they’re getting in trouble in Missouri then maybe — but he has just assumed.”

Akin went on to cite a Public Policy Polling flash poll from last night which showed him still leading Sen. Clair McCaskill even amid this controversy. Hannity pointed out that that particular poll sampled 9 points more Republicans than Democrats and it was a poor indicator.

Everyone knows my opinion of Romney, and I’m loath to come to the Mittster’s defense, but this is ludicrous. Now Akin’s problems wouldn’t be so bad if only Romney hadn’t “bid this thing up”? And what does Akin mean by “if things really look like they’re getting in trouble in Missouri then maybe”? Maybe what? Maybe he’ll drop out? That train left the station about 25 minutes ago. Allahpundit discusses just how difficult it will be now for Akin to get out. Basically it’s up to the Missouri Supreme Court which is controlled by Democrats, and they have no desire to see Akin replaced on the ballot.

He can still quit after today’s deadline passes, but to do so he’ll need a court order. Can he get one? As Nate Silver notes, four of the six justices of the Missouri Supreme Court are Democratic appointees, and Akin has no stronger supporters in America right now when it comes to staying on the ballot than Democrats.

Even if he does manage to get the court order, the Republicans will have a tough time getting up to speed that late in the game.  See Keyes, Alan, in 2004.

Update: You can listen to Hannity’s entire interview with Akin here.


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