Charles Hurt | Another media belly-flop over skinny-dipping ‘scandal’

MSNBC’s Joe  Scarborough, the Beltway media’s idea of a conservative, spat condemnation  on his party.

“This is so bad for the Republican  Party,” he moaned on his morning show, which is highly popular among Beltway types.

He suggested the foray into the sea was some kind of desecration of a “sacred  religious site for evangelicals.”

The fallout, Mr. Scarborough  predicted, “reverberates from church to church, from pew to pew, from family to  family, from preacher to preacher.”

And, Code Red among these people: “This is a base problem,” Mr.  Scarborough declared. “They have offended their base.”

Mark Halperin, a frequent guest on Mr. Scarborough’s chat show, wondered  humorlessly whether President Obama or Nancy  Pelosi would weigh in on this crucial and dastardly deed and turn it into an  issue on which to campaign. That, Mr.  Halperin declared, “could drive this into the fall.”


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