Dick Morris: Vote for Sarah Steelman Tomorrow

Conservatives have what could reasonably be considered as a hit-or-miss relationship with Dick Morris.  Sometimes we really, really agree with him.  And sometimes we don’t.

But tonight he came out with very strong support for Sarah Steelman for U.S. Senate and in the video below, he talks about why:

 Key takeaways from Morris:

  1. A woman has a better chance of defeating Claire McCaskill than a man does.
  2. He agrees with Governor Palin that Steelman would be an effective U.S. Senator because of her background and her understanding of economics.
  3. He was impressed with Steelman’s stance as Treasurer to not invest in the pensions or stock of businesses who did business with Iran, Syria or North Korea.  She was the first in the nation to do so and now it’s federal policy.
  4. Steelman is strongly pro-life.
  5. Steelman would be an effective advocate for the 2nd Amendment.
  6. Morris contrasts Steelman with Brunner, who had some pretty major financial and tax problems, and with Akin who voted himself a lot of pay raises and believes that Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional. Morris believes these are fatal flaws for both of Steelman’s opponents and could cost us the chance of the Senate seat in November.

I would add that Governor Palin, and we, are also impressed by Sarah Steelman’s record of taking on corruption and cronyism and standing up to the establishment of the party in the name of the people she’s called to serve as well as her passion for removing the incentives for those who would make lifetime careers out of government service, such as pensions, so they go and do their job for the people and then return to live under the laws they help create.

It’s a good take from Morris and we agree with him of course, that Steelman is the right choice for Missouri and for America.



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