Do Vice Presidential Candidates Decide Election Outcomes?


With all the talk about who Gov. Romney will pick for his Vice Presidential running mate, I heard something over the weekend that once again shows how illogical the false narrative and revisionist history is that says “Gov. Palin lost the election in 2008.”

Before we go there, let’s first remember a few things: Gov. Sarah Palin was not at the top of the ticket. Secondly, we have well documented articles from Stacy and Breitbart’s Tony Lee that show just the opposite: that Gov. Palin helped the GOP ticket surge–that is, until the financial collapse, which only underscored the malaise from the final years under President Bush. Add to the mix a hypnotically liberal press, beholden to a junior Senator with zero Executive experience from a corrupt city, who happened to be a minority, I doubt Superman could have pulled out a victory.

Over the weekend, NBC’s “Meet the Press” (at the 16:49 mark and following) had a panel of two Democratic governors, one Republican governor, and one Republican Congressman.  Both Democrats and Gov. Bob McDonnell actually submitted that the Vice President doesn’t win or lose the election:

Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-Virginia): But I’ll tell you what vice presidents don’t win elections…

Former Gov. Ed Rendell (D-Pennsylvania): But I think Bob is right. People don’t vote for vice president…

Former Gov. Ted Strickland (D-Ohio): I agree with– with the others on this show. I think the vice-presidential candidate makes little or no difference in the outcome because people are going to be focusing on Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and they’ll choose between those two people.

So there you have it: whenever anyone, regardless of party, tries to push revisionist history with regard to the 2008 campaign, remind them of their own words.

However, I do have a caveat when actually taking the advice from at least former Gov. Rendell. He actually claimed that Joe Biden was a “spectacular vice president who’s done an amazing job.” Embarrassing. This is the Vice President who said the stock market crashed when FDR was President, and gave his fireside chats on television.

So the next time someone tries to say that Vice Presidential candidates win or lose elections, ask them if Joe Biden won the election for Barack Obama.

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