Election Night in Arizona, Kirk Adams Releases New Ad; UPDATE: Flake Wins Senate Primary!; UPDATE II: Gosar Wins, Adams Fighting

It’s election night in Arizona for three of Governor Palin’s endorsed candidates. Polls just closed and we’ll keep you updated as the results come in. Good luck to Paul Gosar, Jeff Flake, and Kirk Adams.

Also, Kirk Adams released a great new ad, featuring Governor Palin. Enjoy!

Update by Steve

With only 15% of precincts reporting, Jeff Flake wins the AZ Senate Primary!  According to Politico.

Updated by Steve

Make that two wins in the Palin corner tonight.  Paul Gosar also wins his primary according to Politico.

Adams is still trailing but highly competitive.  The early lead his opponent opened up with seemed to indicate the results of early voting.  But, as the night has progressed, the Palin endorsement revealed itself as Adams began trailing Salmon by 7,000 votes and it continues to close in by a few hundred votes which indicates that Kirk Adams carried the momentum.  However; it looks like with only 20% of the precincts left to come in, it’d be uphill for Adams.  Nevertheless, he’s cut Salmon’s lead down by almost 2,000 votes by now.

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