Governor Palin to Troops: We Remember Your Sacrifice

Governor Palin, via Facebook:

Last night wrapped up a convention that was very encouraging; so, thank you to all who worked hard to provide needed inspiration while focusing on the U.S. economy. And for all the great speeches we heard at the convention this week and those we’ll hear next week, I sincerely hope we as Americans, despite our political disagreements, will respectfully remember our brave men and women in uniform – for they are still in harm’s way so that we can sleep in peace. Our troops in Afghanistan have suffered terrible casualties this year. We don’t hear much about this lately. You never hear our troops complain though, even when it seems like some of us safely back home enjoying the freedoms they protect too easily forget their sacrifices. But the moms wearing blue and gold stars remember. The wives and husbands raising kids alone while their spouse is in a war zone remember. The kids whose mom and dad can’t be there for birthdays and school plays and skinned knees and graduations remember. Every American who loves freedom should remember.

To our U.S. troops over there, please know that we remember your sacrifice. We support and honor you, and we pray for your safe and speedy return home where you are loved and belong.

– Sarah Palin

Governor Palin always remembers our troops. She takes every opportunity to thank those serving, and those who have served, for the tremendous sacrifices they make. She certainly understands such sacrifices, as her own son, Track, has served in Iraq and is currently serving in Afghanistan. We thank Track for his service to his country.

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