James Hoffa | More class-warfare nonsense from noted union thug

Most Americans’ standard of living will fall if Romney is elected president.  I have no doubt that he would take us to a race to the bottom on wages and  competition with slave labor overseas.

He was a serial outsourcer during his business career, and now he supports  job-killing trade deals. He also wants to eliminate taxes on American companies’  overseas profits.

According to anew study by the Center for American Progress, Romney’s plan  would “further accelerate the outsourcing of American jobs to foreign  countries.”

Worse, Romney would attack workers’ ability to bargain collectively. He  pretends that his proposals would help workers, but his real intention is to  undermine them.

Workers need collective bargaining now more than ever to protect themselves  from corporations that ship jobs overseas and cut wages, benefits and pensions.  Collective bargaining helps level the playing field for employees so CEOs aren’t  the only ones who benefit from a company’s success.


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