Mr. Anonymous Q. Source vs. Team Romney

Mr. Anonymous Q. Source sure has been extremely busy lately.

If it isn’t phone calls to Dingy Harry Reid with an incredible (as in not believable) tip about the GOP nominee, it’s whispers from unnamed Romney insiders and how they “really” feel about Governor Palin.

How does Mr. Source get around so much, one has to wonder?

Also, doesn’t anyone find it interesting that Mr. Source only seems to do the work for the left?  I sure do!

Of course, we already knew that the press makes stuff up out of thin air and reports it as fact in order to forward whatever narrative they want the people to accept as truth.

I remember a time when Mr. Anonymous Source was shunned by the media, when the press had a little bit of journalistic integrity and carefully sourced their information in order to present the truth rather than use the power of the pen to smear, degrade, denigrate and shill for the left.

But it appears those days are over and the media’s job number one is do whatever it can to ensure Obama gets re-elected.

What’s important is that we know this.  And we’re calling them out on it.

Says Dana Loesch at Breitbart:

This is the left’s attempt to run interference: they know that a solidified right means the end of the Obama machine and they’ll do anything to promote the perception of disunity. As Romney and Ryan go “forward,” Palin will continue to be a major influencer long after Obama is voted from office.

In this, Dana is exactly right.  It is to the left’s benefit to divide any opposition to their Bel-O-ved.  I recommend that everyone please read her piece as it is excellent.

I will however respectfully dissent with one small part of it:

A website that just graduated from LOLcat photos to LOLcat photos and politics is attempting to project its own bias onto Governor Palin in the wake of the VP announcement and exploit a nonexistent fissure in the right.

To say there is no “fissure” is, I believe, an overly optimistic interpretation of events.  There is indeed a divide between the GOP establishment and the Tea Party/Conservative base.  To say there isn’t disregards quite a bit of water under the proverbial bridge.

That said, I can state categorically that we are united in our common goal, and that is the removal of Barack Obama from the Oval Office.

In that there is no doubt whatsoever.

But the Conservative movement, as embodied in the priorities and objectives of Governor Palin and the Conservatives she’s endorsed, does indeed part ways with the establishment of the party on several major issues and it’s okay to acknowledge this divide.  It’s okay for us…in fact, it’s necessary for us…to recognize that there is a battle ahead that must be fought for the soul of the Republican party.

But that battle is not our first priority.  Right now, nothing is more important than: Voting Obama out of office and filling the House and Senate with as many Constitutional Conservatives as possible.

The kerfuffle today does raise a few interesting points though.

While I’ll dismiss the whispers of Mr. Anonymous Source in this instance and reject the attempt of the left to cause problems and create discord in our ranks as the opposition movement against Obama, there have been many times where Team Romney and those associated with them have engaged in, shall we say, questionable behavior when it comes to showing common decency to Governor Palin and her supporters.

For instance, while the Romney camp was quick on the gun to pushback on this particular bit of nonsense, such was not the case here:

I think, unfortunately, Palin poisoned the well on that,” said one informal Romney adviser, fretting that any woman selected as VP would draw inevitable comparisons to the former Alaska governor. “I would guess if I were inside the Romney mind that they’re worried that any woman chosen will be subjected to a higher level of scrutiny.

Or here:

Former Romney Spokesman Kevin Madden was particularly harsh on Palin in an interview on CNN. His criticism of Palin is especially noteworthy because we’re only days from the election.

In a spot with Campbell Brown Madden said Palin’s wardrobe flap showed how “unseasoned” Palin is.

Or here:

In fact, I heard that one of the biggest pushers of anti-Palin stories, including encouraging reporters to pursue the “Trooper-gate” story was Romney spokeshack Kevin Madden.

These are just a few examples; but it’s pretty clear that while the first was a tip by Mr. Anonymous Source, the other two were by Kevin Madden, whose role in the Romney campaign has been expanded to being a “more frequent and visible spokesman” for the Romney campaign.  And let’s not forget, Madden was front-and-center at the Washington DC premiere of the Tom Hanks produced/left-wing Palin reinvention fantasy, Game Change.

So what does that say to us?  What does that say to those who support Governor Palin and her message and her agenda when Team Romney promotes someone who’s attacked her as frequently as Madden has?  What does it say to us when our requests for them to set the record straight go unanswered?

As I said above, as far as November goes, make no bones about it…we are all united in the defeat of Barack Obama.  Period.  End of sentence.

But in order to do this, we need to set aside unnecessary antagonisms that distract from that core mission.  Not ignore them…but put them away for a later hearing.  And we need to come together with that unity of purpose and put all our energy on defeating Obama.

But the onus is on Team Romney to build bridges to the Conservative movement in general and to Governor Palin in particular.  She’s been very supportive of the mission to remove Obama from office and has repeatedly held out an olive branch to the Romney campaign so that we can take care of our common goal.

It is up to the Romney campaign now to reach out to her…to us…as they are the leaders here.  If they believe her role is important enough that her response and her energy can shift the dimension of the campaign, and no one can deny it given her stellar endorsement record, then they need to show that they have a real interest in her support.  In our support.  They need to give us a reason to get excited beyond “he’s the guy who isn’t Obama.”

The ball is in their court.



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