Multi-State Primaries Tonight – Open Thread

Four states are holding primaries tonight: Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Exciting races to watch for are; of course, Sandy Adams there in Florida’s 7th District House race as well as Allen West’s in the 18th District.

It looks like Politico is all set and ready to go!  Polls close at 7pm Eastern time for Florida.

Mica wins over Adams by large margin.  Honestly, we knew this one was uphill.  In addition to Gov. Palin, Allen West and Condi Rice also endorsed Adams.  However; there were far too many big corporate donors and far too much at stake for Mica…so, his donors kept pouring money into his campaign.

Adams was outspent by an even larger margin than she lost by.

Lesson learned:  The Governor cannot do this stuff alone.  Folks on the ground have to get engaged and the Tea Party simply couldn’t rally the support needed to carry Adams.  Nevertheless, Gov. Palin continues to support based on principle — and so do we.

On a bright note, Allen West won his nomination.


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