Palin Power! Zoller Leads Collins Ahead of Next Tuesday’s Runoff For Georgia’s 9th District

Despite a massive attack-campaign put forth by the establishment-backed Collins, Palin-endorsed Martha Zoller is leading him by 43% to 39% heading into next Tuesday’s runoff election.

(Gainesville, GA) – Despite a vicious and baseless smear campaign, professional politician Doug Collins trails conservative firebrand Martha Zoller by 4 percentage points in a public opinion poll released today by Wenzel Strategies. 

“These poll results reflect what we are seeing throughout Georgia’s 9th Congressional District,” said Zoller.  “Voters are sick of the negative ads, sick of the establishment, and sick of the status quo.” 

Martha Zoller leads Doug Collins 43% to 39%, with 18% undecided. 

“To change Washington, we need to change the type of people we send up there,” said Zoller.  “For far too long, we’ve let career politicians run amuck in our Nation’s Capitol with no adult supervision or oversight.  It’s time to send a conservative firebrand to Congress to hold our elected officials accountable, put our fiscal house in order, and set America on a path to prosperity.” 

Among respondents who felt that things were going in the right direction, Collins led Zoller by a 52% to 34% margin, while those whosaid that things were going in the wrong direction favored Zoller 47% to 32%. 

“I will be the Tea Party conservative voice in Washington that shakes things up and introduces real accountability, enacts bold reform, and returns our federal government to the people,” said Zoller.  “No more excuses, no more rhetoric, no more empty campaign promises.  The people of North Georgia are ready for real change in Congress and I am ready to lead the charge!” 

Zoller leads Collins 48% to 31% amongst self-identified TEA Party Conservatives while moderate voters favor Collins 54% to 34%.

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