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“He just isn’t bright” – Rudi Giuliani on Joe Biden

The current administration is “Intellectually exhausted,” as Mitt Romney points out, and is now in “rope-a-dope” mode, trying as best it can to avoid answering any substantive questions on its record.

As Rush Limbaugh has championed, this is “the Kardashian president.” He is long on charisma, short on substance and out of his depth on what to do with the economy other than tax and spend. Obama did sheepishly admit at another swing state campaign stop that the economy has slowed. Indeed, for the same reasons that Michael Jackson slowed down in 2009 – making poor decisions and relying on quacks for advice.

Both Ryan and Obama were campaigning at the Iowa fair, where Obama bought 10 beers for people (actually he taxed us for six beers and borrowed the cost of the four other beers from China), and ate fried pork with his hands. Ryan was offered greasy fair food and declined – probably because he knows Medicare is going bankrupt and it will be up to him to stay healthy if he wants to live.



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