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This week on The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla: You may not have known him until recently but now his infectious passion is sweeping America! Dan Bongino, U.S. Senate hopeful from Maryland is Kevin’s special guest! Bongino got a surprise mention from Governor Sarah Palin during her recent rally for Ted Cruz in Texas. Hear Bongino talk about his off the cuff speech that caught Palin’s attention. You will be impressed by Bongino, who has served as a Secret Service agent and an NYPD officer. TUNE IN NOW to SarahNET Radio ON DEMAND!!!

Gov. Palin Causes Bongino’s Phone to Ring Off the Hook…

Gov. Palin Tweeted Bongino’s speech, for which she had given a shout-out during her rousing stump speech for Ted Cruz on Friday. Bongino is a former Secret Service agent and NYPD officer. He said he was pleasantly surprised to hear from Palinistas that she had referenced his speech. The speech itself was extemporaneous and not professionally planned. Once Gov. Palin had mentioned the Bongino speech, his “phone rang off the hook,” he said. The video garnered 9,000 views in the course of two days. Bongino is not sure how Gov. Palin found his speech.

Bongino Warns Against Dangerous Political Ideology

Scholla described the speech as “honest, raw, and inspiring.” He said the overall message is that our liberties are under attack, and it is we the people who know best, not big government. Bongino said, “don’t get lost in the granular details. This is a bigger battle than most people think it is.” He said we are not fighting a Clinton Democrat or a JFK Democrat, but an entire ideology that is putting our personal economic liberty – which is one of same with political liberty – at stake. Bongino said these people “are playing for keeps,” but acknowledged that “we have fixed worse problems before – we don’t want to start a civil war – we don’t handle our problems that way – but we are in a battle with a very dangerous political ideology.” He said his speech was meant to “rally the troops.”

ObamaCare and Taxes Symptoms, not Root Problem…

Scholla asked Bongino to elaborate on why he said taxes and ObamaCare are not the root problems, but symptoms. He said that today’s Democrats want to raise taxes to the Clinton years levels on the premise that the economy boomed under his tenure, but they never mention that capital gains taxes were cut. He said “they know this. They are very bright people. They understand it. They are deceiving you.” Bongino continued, “this is not about taxes for them. This is about spending your money, and the only way to spend your money is to tax your money….You’ll never get a fair share rate, because your fair share is ‘everything trumps everything.'”

He said Clinton did do some good things such as cutting the capital gains tax and reforming welfare. “We as Republicans need to be careful about defending ideas, not defending parties.” Bongino has been an outsider to politics as far as both parties are concerned. He said, “lower taxes, patient-driven health care, school choice – these are the ideas we defend.”

Scholla observed that McCain and Romney always speak about Obama as being either a “nice guy” or “in over his head….McCain promised straight talk; it was Palin who delivered.” Scholla asked if Bongino thought it was time to really call these elected officials out on what they’re doing.

The World is Unfair…

“The world is not a fair place. It’s not. The world is a meritocracy. Those who work hard, who study the hardest, and develop the hardest callouses on their hands are going to get ahead, and I’m sorry to tell you that. We will always keep a basic social safety net. We will always take care of the most unfortunate among us. We’re the most benevolent country on earth and never apologize for that. But, stop with this nonsense. We are not a country of takers. We are a country of makers, and yes we have to call it what it is – and forget the Straight Talk Express; it’s time for real straight talk. They know what they’re doing. Let’s stop pretending that this is just some ‘aw shucks moment,’ and they fell into ObamaCare,” Bongino said.

ObamaCare About Control, Not Health Care

He said that ObamaCare is not about health care, but is about control of the health care system. “It’s about control…it’s a very dangerous ideology.” He said if this system worked, the Greeks would be lending us money not bankrupting us for it now. “We are watching the utter failure of this ideology in live time before our very eyes, and what are we doing? We’re replicating it!” Bongino said at the end of his speech that we have the obligation to defend our children’s chance at prosperity….if you’re not volunteering for a campaign and just sitting on your butt, you’re part of the problem, and you are whistling past the graveyard.” Bongino said “an entire generation will be left holding the bag if we don’t come through in November.”

The Time is Now…

“I have spent my entire life studying macro-economics. The writing is on the wall. It is all there, and again I don’t want to sound apocalyptic, because God, I love this country…but we are in a lot of trouble, and I don’t want to be the prognosticator here. We are printing our way into a debt apocalypse and inflating away the value of our money and all of our assets. We can’t build anything here, because our corporate tax rate is the highest in the world. Our real estate market is collapsing. The very core of what this country was built on is collapsing, and the time to turn around, right the ship, make a U-turn is right now. It’s not tomorrow….all of you listeners, you have to do. Don’t talk. Talk is cheap….Action changes the world.”

On Thomas Sowell

Scholla asked, “uou mentioned President Reagan, and you said he knew his limits. That caught my ear. Does that mean you are saying that Obama does not know his limits?”

“He doesn’t understand. You know, Thomas Sowell, my favorite author, philosopher, economist? I think he’s one of the most brilliant men of our time,” Bongino said. “Gov. Palin is a huge fan of him,” Scholla said. “I’ve read his college thesis. I’ve read all his material. He’s really been a lone star for me,” Bongino said. Scholla mentioned that Gov. Palin suggested Sowell as a potential Vice Presidential candidate.

Bongino said that Sowell recognizes his own limits. “He can’t tell you how much that Ford Escape in your garage is worth to you. Barack Obama has what Sowell calls this ‘vision of the anointed.’ They’ve anointed themselves – these geniuses of economics, of medicine, of education, to rule over your lives, put out these edicts and to take the control away from you and make the locus of control them. And, that was the point of my speech. You are forfeiting the power to control your own life through the tax code, through the healthcare legislation, and through the education system. Do you want to make your own choices? Or do you want to pay someone to make your choices for you when they have absolutely no knowledge of the value of those items to you? On its face, it’s absurd what we do with the belief that these government bureaucrats know more about your life than you do.”

The Absurdity of Victim Economics, and How Economics Really Works…

Scholla asked if the divisiveness resulting from the class, race and religion warfare game the left is playing is part of the reason why we are in trouble if Obama gets re-elected in November.

“Sure….it’s a great question. You have to ask yourself again. These are not stupid people. They’re not ignorant. ‘Why? Why are they doing this?’ It’s not random. There’s a tactical strategic component to this. The only way to sell you on the idea that walking over to your neighbor’s and stealing his new Andersen windows and putting them in your house is a good idea is to get you to believe that your neighbor somehow got those Andersen windows at your expense.”

Bongino said the liberal ideology is prima facie absurd and a zero sum game. He said the notion that “people got rich at your expense is not how it works; it’s a fundamental lie and a misunderstanding of basic economics.” He gave an example of having “boy band tickets” which he would have no interest in. Bongino said if he met a teenager in the street and exchanged those tickets for a bagel, because he was hungry, nobody lost. Everybody is better off. “I didn’t want those tickets. She loves the band. I was hungry. I get the bagel. Everybody’s happier. That’s how economics works on a fundamental level.”

“It’s the only way to make free market economics work. I can’t sell you an iPad if you don’t want it. You are better off for it, or you wouldn’t have bought the product. To make it out that the successful ones – the folks among us who have developed value-added products – have somehow stolen from people and made society worse off is a lie. It’s the fundamental lie. It’s the Big Lie of liberal economic policy, and they know it. They have to make a victim out of you. If they don’t, you will never believe the foolishness I just told you,” Bongino said.

Bongino had heard the boy band / bagel example from an economics professor.

Secret Service Persepctive

Scholla asked how Bongino’s Secret Service background gives him unique perspective on running for office.

“I was with the Secret Service for 12 years. I always wanted to be a doctor, but my dad pushed me into law enforcement.” He left the Secret Service without retiring and abandoning his pension. “Like I said before, life is about doing.” He won the primary by six points that many said he could not win, beating out nine other candidates. “They told us we had no chance of raising any money. We just passed nearly half a million dollars in funds raised. We had our best fund-raising week ever and we’re down to 1:1 fund-raising status with our opponent.”

Bongino is running against a 45-year-incumbent. “It’s been a year and a half of hard work, but it’s worth it folks. This is too important an election to be sitting on your ends.”

Could Palin Mention Lead to a Palin Endorsement?

“So Gov. Palin mentions you. Do you feel an endorsement may be coming your way from Alaska,” Scholla asked.

“That would be terrific. I would be shocked. We’ve had some good luck. They’ve all been surprises. We had Sen. Mike Lee from Utah. That came out of nowhere and I met him in Israel. We had a great conversation at the dinner table with a number of Israeli officials,” Bongino said. He met Fredrich Hayek in Israel. “I came back and he called me on my home phone at 11 O’clock at night and he changed my life about a year ago. He really put it on the map.”

“I am really deeply honored that she mentioned my speech. You have to put it in perspective for me. Just a few years back, I was protecting people like Gov. Palin. That was my job, and now that she mentioned in a pretty prominent speech for a fantastic Senate candidate in Texas – Ted Cruz – was a great honor that for a normal guy like me is a very humbling and moving experience. I really hope that at some point in life, everybody gets to have an experience like that. It was fantastic.”

Bongino is an AGU 2012 Primary Candidate.

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