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Guest Submission by Ron Devito

SarahNET Radio Host Kevin Scholla appeared on Steven Rosenblum’s Conservative Republican Forum (CRF) to discuss a wide range of subjects related to Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and current political news, specifically her endorsements, and why he believes she should have been given a prominent speaking role at the forthcoming GOP convention in Tampa.

Everybody knows who Sarah is…Sarah Fires People Up

The interview aired prior to Gov. Palin releasing her Statement on the 2012 Republican Convention, which strongly implied that the decision on Gov. Palin not speaking there was at least partly hers. “This year is a good opportunity for other voices to speak at the convention and I’m excited to hear them,” Gov. Palin wrote in her statement.

But, in the final hours before Gov. Palin issued her statement, Scholla said in part,

“If anybody was at CPAC…if anybody has seen her speak anywhere recently, she draws the excitement….Meantime, you ask the common person on the street, everybody knows who Sarah is. They don’t know who half of these people are. Sarah fires people up. Just look at the CPAC speech. If anyone wants to see anything, look at the energy at CPAC. Why did she give the keynote there? And that was a Romney crowd! He won the straw poll there. People were for Mitt Romney at CPAC this year, but guess what? They were brave enough to put her up there and it was a smashing success and it has been the same way before or since.”

He continued,

“Nothing like it. She talks like people want to hear and she knows what’s going and it’s not political. It’s not teleprompter. You have a guy now who only reads a teleprompter. This is a woman whose teleprompter went out during the convention and didn’t miss a beat, so this is speaking from the heart, from a servant’s heart, and speaking the truth, and speaking about a country that she loves so much.”

On Gov. Palin’s Endorsement Success Record

On Gov. Palin’s endorsements, Scholla said, until Steelman, “she was batting 1000. She lost only one. She still has Zoller out there. She has major victories with Cruz, Hatch, Mourdock, and Fischer.” Gov. Palin “endorsed [Sandy] Adams. You don’t need title to make a difference and she’s proven it.” Scholla said her endorsements are “very much affecting what’s going on. They will force Romney to govern from the right. But, it also shows how the party is so dysfunctional.”

As this story goes to press, Gov. Palin has an 85.71% endorsement success rate on the 2012 candidates she has endorsed in which an election has been held (Ed. Note: though Scott Walker was not officially listed as an endorsement, I am counting him as an endorsement, since Gov. Palin numerous times supported him and stumped for him during the failed recall attempt. She re-stated her support hin while endorsing Lt. Gov. Kleefisch. I consider her actions more than sufficient to count as an endorsement, even absent the words, “I endorse”). Her 2010 success rate was 67% overall, which was still far better than just about any politician on either side of the aisle.

Scholla referenced a Florida seat in in a Democratic Party stronghold that no Republican is willing to touch. Two Democrats are vying for the seat in a bitter identity politics-based campaign. “Gov. Palin and a few others like Allen West have a steel spine, but this stuff knocks out good people from running,” Scholla said. Returning to endorsements, he said, Gov. Palin “does not endorse based on who is a perceived conservative or Tea Partier. She will endorse incumbents who are doing a good job. “It’s about character, integrity, trust and following the Constitution.”

On Romney-Ryan

Scholla said he “likes the Ryan pick” in general, but “loves the pick compared to short list that was being considered. It was one of the best moves Romney camp has made so far.” He expressed concern that McCain people working for Romney could throw Ryan under the bus. Scholla said he “never expected Romney to be nominee.” He took issue with McCain “liking” Obama in 2008, while “Gov. Palin gave the [real] Straight Talk….McCain tanked because the economy tanked,” he said and Obama got the votes from large groups he was able to successfully rally around him.

The difference this time is that Ryan as a Vice Presidential candidate is trying to get us out of an existing mess. Gov. Palin was hit with the mess at the least opportune time, yet performed far above the call of duty.

Scholla said the “visceral hate toward Gov. Palin is rooted in her being a woman.” Though Gov. Palin advocated for Allen West to be Romney’s running mate, “we have to unite behind ticket. Ryan can handle himself too,” Scholla said.

He expressed hope that unlike McCain, Romney will counter-punch on Obama’s attacks. “Romney should not be doing what McCain did.” Scholla said there should be “no Obama is over his head” playbook. “Obama is intelligent, and knows what he is doing. He is moving the country to the left.

Scholla also noted that the Democrats unite wholeheartedly even after bitter primaries. Republicans in contrast are lukewarm in their unity and these divisions end up costing them elections.

Stacy Drake spoke to this in Scott Conroy: Palin’s Absence From Convention may Expose Rift. Drake wrote:

“Just remember, don’t lose sight of what Governor Palin is focused on. It’s really what we should all be focused on. Staying angry about this isn’t going to help this country one bit. We have better things to do with our energy.”

Bristol Palin

Scholla expressed his absolute support of Bristol Palin and her show Life’s a Tripp. He decried the hypocrisy and double standards applied by those who rail against Bristol, but think “it’s cute” when celebrities who hold leftist views do the same things she has – or far worse. He thanked Bristol for posting his interview with Todd Palin about Stars Earn Strips on Bristol’s Blog.

Scholla’s Background

Scholla is a sports and news anchor, as well as an announcer for professional and college sports teams. The Palin Update on SarahNET Radio is one of at least two online shows he hosts. Scholla works “Batman hours.” The Palin Update started when the Palinista community thought Gov. Palin would run for President. The show was conceived to provide factual coverage on her and counter the lies spread by the mainstream media. After she decided not to run, Scholla knew Gov. Palin had a bright political future and the show continued without interruption. The show airs each weekend with a new interview, news, and Palin family updates. “We follow the whole beat.” The Palin Update is promoted on YouTube, US for Palin, Facebook, Twitter, and SarahNET Radio, among numerous other venues where it is syndicated, such as the American Grizzlies United / Organize4Palin State System (AGU). Scholla is the AGU’s Pennsylvania State Coordinator. Conservatives4Palin also features selected shows.

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