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Guest Submission by Ron Devito

This week on The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla: Dr. Ted Yoho is here! Just endorsed by Sarah Palin, this Christian conservative Republican is hoping to head to the House of Representatives. Yoho, a small business owner and family man is committed to taming a government gone wild. A veterinarian, Yoho is well equipped to go to Washington and deal with the weasels and worms that are undermining the Constitution. Yoho maps out his plans if elected, discusses Governor Palin, and even talks a little Tim Tebow. An interesting interview with a unique candidate. Also, Governor Palin endorses Arizona’s Paul Gosar and Maryland’s Dan Bongino, while calling for Todd Akin to fold ’em. Plus, Wayne Brady apologizes to the Palins and Todd Palin rolls on in Stars Earn Stripes. It’s only on SarahNET Radio! Tune in anytime ON DEMAND!- http://www.sarahnetradio.net/.

Had Enough of Career Politicians

Ted Yoho is a large animal veterinarian who has also worked in a vegetable packing plant and on construction jobs. He’s been married for 37 years and Florida has been his home for 35 years.

“Gov. Palin set a new tone in the country for politicians. You know, being the hockey mom who went to PTA, who became the Governor, who became the Vice Presidential candidate and she just really rocked the establishment.” Yoho said he is running against a career politician and promises to term limit himself to eight years. He said that career politicians brought us the problems we have today. His campaign slogan is “Had Enough.” He beat a 24-year incumbent in the primary.

Gov. Palin’s Endorsement Excites Campaign, Constituents

Yoho said both his potential constituents and his campaign are excited about Gov. Palin’s endorsement. “She’s a new type of politician – not your entrenched politician – and we’ve had a lot of excitement around our campaign.” He lost track of the number of hits on the campaign website, but said “it’s grown exponentially.”

Scholla asked Yoho about press reports regarding Speaker of the House John Boehner contacting him. Boehner left Yoho a voice mail message, because Yoho was not available to take the call, and he said he was pleasantly surprised to hear from the Speaker.

Scholla asked Yoho how he was able to beat the incumbent, since some other candidates simply could not beat the establishment’s connections and money. Yoho attributed his primary win to a strong grassroots effort, a clear mission statement, and “plan the work and work the plan.” His one paid employee – the campaign manager – was able to amass an army of passionate volunteers and interns to help bring victory home.

Election About Economy, Jobs, Return to Core Values

Scholla asked Yoho if he planned on addressing any animal issues if elected. Yoho said, “this election is more about stopping socialism than a lot of the social issues. I know those are very important, but to talk about some of those issues when we’ve got $16 trillion in debt and high employment for the period of time that we’ve had it – would be like two guys arguing on the Titanic about paying a bar bill.” He continued, “our ship is sinking and we’ve got to save our ship.” Yoho said that the number of animal neglect cases has increased because of government policies and the bad economy. “People have been just giving their horses away, or leaving tied to a telephone pole on the side of the road.”

Yoho said this election is about the economy, jobs, and returning our country back to its core values. He regards the actions of the Obama administration as “smoke and mirrors” to distract from the real issues.

On Stem Cell Research…

Regarding stem cell research, a subject that Yoho was misrepresented in, he said that he has a strong background in biology and science and is also a Christian conservative who has no doubt that life begins at conception. But, he “understands the value of stem cell research” and that “you can get stem cells from so many different areas,” such as the placenta, the umbilical cord and even from an adult patient by reprogramming fibroblasts. He said there is no need for embryonic stem cell research and his answer was in response to a poorly written questionnaire. “The question was like asking, ‘do you still beat your dog?’ There is no proper way to answer a question like that and not appear guilty.” Yoho does believe in stem cell research, but not from embryonic sources.

Yoho said construction and agriculture are two principal job sectors in Florida and he is pleased to see an uptick in agricultural jobs and land purchases.

His website is http://www.tedyoho.com. He said any donations would be appreciated.

On Tebow…and Gov. Palin’s Endorsement

Scholla said that his daughter is a Florida Gators fan and a Tebow fan. Yoho said he “Tebow’ed” the night he won the primary, and said he admires the football player for how “he’s changed the course of how people look at religion” in our country, “and he’s not afraid to talk about it.” Tebow is a double-threat quarterback who graduated Florida University and went on to the Denver Broncos, then to the New York Jets. Yoho continued, “and then you get somebody like Gov. Palin. She speaks her conviction and she’s changed the face of politics, and I admire both of them and I’m proud to be associated with the Florida Gators. That makes us part of the Gator Nation, and Gov. Palin – we’re just really excited about her endorsement.”

Scholla said both Tebow and Palin come from great families. He noted that Tebow had sent his daughter an autographed photo. In closing the interview, Scholla noted that Gov. Palin has endorsed doctors, dentists, ranchers, and now a veterinarian – “people from all walks of life – and this is what the founding fathers wanted – not just lawyers talking about their 16 degrees, but not having any common sense to talk about anything in this world.”

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