Thanks to Gov. Palin, The Democrats are Stuck with Uncle Joe – Update: Jay Carney Takes a Swipe at Palin

Don’t look to Andrea Saul or Kevin Madden to be this clever.

But even I have to admit, when Palin threw out a suggestion to the Obama campaign Tuesday night with Greta Van Susteren to replace Joe Biden, I scratched my head.  In response to Biden’s latest “disgusting comment,” Palin said the following:

Greta if that’s not the nail in the coffin — really the strategists there in the Obama campaign have got to look at a diplomatic way of replacing Joe Biden on the ticket with Hillary and I don’t want to throw out that suggestion and have them actually accept the suggestion because then an Obama and Hillary Clinton ticket would have a darn good chance of winning but really Joe Biden really drags down that ticket.

Immediately, the liberals at Mediaite responded by posting the headline – and their liberal commenters had a field day.  Similarly, the Huffington Post covered it, and 2,768 hysterical comments later, the liberals are still ranting.  Other mainstream outlets like ABC covered it as well.  McCain even came out to say it, too!

Obama came out today to respond, dismissed the idea, and further attempted to pathetically excuse Biden’s “chains” remark.

In less than a day, Palin set a trend.  Liberals were even crankier than usual and Republicans were unexpectedly quiet.  After all, she literally suggested what would be beneficial to Obama.

As we all know, Obama is a drag.  We also know that Romney’s been lackluster.  Neither has been able to energize their bases.  That changed for Romney when he announced Paul Ryan as his V.P. nominee.  Suddenly donations poured in.  After a full day, Romney managed to raise $3.5M!  No, it’s not the $7M McCain raised after announcing Palin but still, it’s a larger surge of energy than Obama has yet to capture in 2012’s campaign.

Further, Romney and Ryan got rallies which were impressive in size –like the crowd of 10K in North Carolina!  Again, not really the 60K Palin got in Florida, but it’s still more energy than Obama has been able to gin up this year.  As it stands now, Romney and Ryan have a clearer shot than ever before of picking up some battleground states and putting themselves on a path to victory and moving us a step further to better days for America.

If Obama decided he needed a wild card to energize his base, what’s he going to do?  Take advice from Sarah Palin?  How would his base respond?  The following article which describes Palin as a “smart political operator” via the Hayride says it pretty well:

So just in case the Democrats might think about making a switch to Hillary, along comes Sarah Palin to suggest it.

And now they can’t do it even if they wanted to. Obama can’t be seen as taking advice from Sarah Palin.


So she’s helping the Romney ticket by writing Biden off. The Romney ticket wants Biden right where he is.

You can read the whole thing here.

So thanks to Palin, it appears that Obama is (for the lack of a better phrase) chained to Joe Biden for this go around.

The response from the left is not at all conspicuous.  Enjoy!

Update by Stacy: Jay Carney took a swipe at John McCain and Governor Palin during his press conference today, after being questioned about the possibility of Joe Biden leaving the Democrat ticket. He responded:

“One place I would not go for advice on presidential running mates is John McCain.”

I’m sure they wouldn’t, considering that the record of the person John McCain did pick in 2008, doesn’t fit with the overall strategy of the Obama administration. No, a person who cut spending by 9.5%, reduced earmarks by 80%, used the line item veto to reduce spending, encouraged energy development while taking taking on oil industry cronies, wouldn’t be a good match for the modern Democrat party under Obama.

The important thing about Carney’s remark is that the Obama campaign is now completely stuck with crazy uncle Joe for the 2012 election cycle.

(H/T: John Frank)

Update II by Stacy: Here’s proof that noted David Dewhurst backer, Michael Reagan shouldn’t be listened to in Republican circles. This morning, he tweeted out the following:

Someone tell McCain and Palin just shut up about Hillary replacing Biden.Ok I will!Shut up!

For one thing, that was extremely rude, but more importantly, it’s politically ignorant. Regardless if there were ever any active talks with Democrats about replacing Joe Biden, that option is now off the table for good. The card has been removed from the deck by Governor Palin, with some help from her old running mate.

Another aspect that Michael isn’t considering is that it is good for Republicans to have Joe Biden in the news. Extremely good in fact. Our Vice President is a walking gaffe machine. He makes the administration look bad. Getting the media to stop talking about Romney’s tax returns, and turning the focus back on to Joe is a win for the Romney campaign.

Finally, it was pure genius of Governor Palin to bring this up because it also reminded Hillary Clinton supporters what happened to her in 2008. Many of whom are still angry over the way she was treated by Obama’s people during that primary, and then snubbed as his vice presidential pick. Ripping the scab off of that wound is not good for Democrat unity before a major general election.

Bravo, Governor!

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