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This week on The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla: A SarahNET Radio special presentation. Todd Palin is here! The First Dude and Kevin take a look at Todd’s new NBC show Stars Earn Stripes which premieres after the Olympics. Todd and Kevin also discuss Governor Sarah Palin’s political future, attacks on the Palin family, fatherhood, Iron Dog racing, Van Halen, and much more! Don’t miss Todd Palin on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla! Tune in anytime ON DEMAND only on SarahNET Radio!

Sign-On and Introduction

“He is the former First Gentleman of Alaska, but we like to call him the First Dude, Champion snow machine racer, super husband and dad – Todd Palin.”

On “Stars Earn Stripes”

“You’ve been making headlines lately and it has nothing to do with politics. You’re one of the celebrity participants in the new NBC show, Stars Earn Stripes. It’s being billed as reality TV boot camp. You and the other contestants are each paired with a trainer who has been a member of the armed forces or a law enforcement agency, and then what? You all have some tough assignments out there?” Scholla asked.

“Well, Stars Earn Stripes is just an emotionally driven highly competitive series with the base cause being: bringing money to military-based charities, and it has been a life experience for me. I’ve done stuff that I never thought I would do: jumping out of helicopters, shooting .50 caliber World War I machine guns, so it’s just been awesome,” Palin said.

“And, you’re in a remote location…” Scholla said.

“Well, we are in a remote location….The competition – eight celebrities, eight military ops – both the celebrities and the military ops are all incredible. I didn’t know what to expect, but you know – real competitive – but everybody is there for the cause. Everybody’s got a busy schedule. They’re family people and they’re taking time out of their busy schedules to make this series be a good show.

“And that is the best part. This is all for some great causes. Each team playing for a military or veteran’s charity. Can you say what your charity is?” Scholla asked.

If Palin wins, his proceeds will go to Armed Services YMCA Alaska.

“They’re there 365, 7 x 24 for our military families in Alaska. I connected with them a few years ago. I was invited to one of their combat fishing contests. Last year, they had 250 Iraq vets and they fish out of Seward, Alaska. When I went, I was sitting next to an Iraq vet who probably never fished in his life, and when they hook on to a halibut and you see the smile on their face – you just can’t put a value on that,” Palin said.

“It makes you remember why you got into it in the first place, right?” Scholla asked.

“Exactly. I’m just honored to be part of this series. It’s going to be very exciting. People are going to be just blown away on what we do. You know, jumping out of a helicopter is pretty stressful. I mean we’re all nervous you know when we all have got to do the same competition,” Palin said.



H/T Ian Lazaran, Conservatives4Palin for NBC video trailer lead.

Praise Todd Palin has received from trainers on the show, including the Greatest Sniper in American History, Chris Kyle, US Navy SEAL: “Going through that knee-high mud will drain anyone except Todd Palin. He’s kind of like God walking on mud out there,” and “you don’t need Chuck Norris. Send in Todd Palin.”



On Political Endorsements…

“Sounds great. We’re looking forward to it. Each week, a team will be eliminated. Stars Earn Stripes premieres August 13….now even before your jump into reality TV, you’ve made some news as of late supporting Newt Gingrich with a full endorsement of his presidential run, and more recently you and Gov. Palin endorsed some candidates, including Orrin Hatch in his reelection bid in Utah. I know Sen. Hatch really appreciates your support and truly respects your opinion on things, and he’s not alone,” Scholla said setting up the background for his question.

“Do you ever get a chance to sit back and think how things have changed for your family over the last few years? Is it still strange to be a national – and really – a worldwide figure?” Scholla asked.

“It is strange in one aspect, but Sen. Hatch has been known for many many years. Pres. Reagan got behind him the late ’80s. We need warriors like that to teach the new guys on being a conservative in DC,” Palin said.

Being a Mom Is the Toughest Job…

“Obviously, we do this show, because of Gov. Palin and her values and her possible political future, but I have to say from one very personal standpoint, I can relate to you in a way a lot of American can’t. We know you’re an athlete, and a sportsman, and a tough guy. You’ve also worked for years and have provided for your family, but at the same time, you’ve also done a lot of the child-raising,” Scholla said.

He continued, “now, you have me beat with five kids and a couple of grand kids. I have just two young children, but I’ve pretty much watched my daughter on weekdays for four years now while still working at night and on weekends and doing whatever it takes. Tell me, am I right here? Isn’t that the toughest job of all?” Scholla asked.

“Kevin, there is no question. That is the toughest job in the world: be a mom, and you know, I was blessed to have opportunity to on-the-job train on the North Slope. My job was week on – week off for many, many years – close to 20 years, and when I came home, I made sure I was taking care of everything, because when I was gone, Sarah had to be the mom and the dad and take care of the house, but it provided for my family for many years, while allowing us to continue to live the Alaska lifestyle that we enjoy. You know, commercial fishing in the summer time, Iron Dog in the winter time, and kids activities throughout the years. But, being a mom is the toughest job in the world and when you get to put the mom hat on and have dad kid time, it’s pretty special,” Palin said.

And…How is the Family Doing?

“You hear that folks? This is a guy who’s worked oil fields on the North Slope and as a fisherman – dangerous work, but he knows kids are a whole ‘nother animal. I couldn’t agree more. How are all your kids? My daughter and your little guy are only one month apart. Everybody all doing well?” Scholla asked.

“All of our kids are doing great. Grand kids are doing good. Time just flies by, and you know working a week on a week off on the North Slope, every time I come home, you can tell the difference. All of our kids were born when I had my Slope job, so you just make sure you set that time aside and enjoy every moment, because it happens so fast,” Palin said.

How Todd Palin Maintains Extraordinary Self-Control in Face of Attacks on Family

“And many thanks to Track from all of us. A true American hero. One other thing I’ve always commended you for and really, honestly, I can’t wait to hear your answer, because for the life of me, I don’t have one – how have you been able to control yourself through all of the vicious and mean attacks hurled at Gov. Palin not to mention Bristol and others. I think I would’ve probably punched someone in the nose by now. How in the world have you remained so classy when so many cowards have said so many hateful things about those closest to you?” Scholla asked.

“Well, you know, they’re cowards, and they don’t have a life, and I don’t let them drag me into their mud. You have to stay above it, and in my book what comes around goes around. And I’ve got five kids, a couple of grand kids, and I’m going to devote my time to them. I’m not going to devote any of my time – my precious time – on getting in the mud with these guys. I’m just not going to waste my time with them,” Palin said.

“You know, you should be so proud of yourself, and it just goes to show: we all admire Gov. Palin’s character. Well, we can see she’s surrounded by high-quality people in her life, whether it’s her parents, or you, or the kids. Very admirable the way your family continues to act and not stoop to the level of those who want to bring you down,” Scholla said.

On the Iron Dog…

“What’s the latest on Iron Dog? Will you be back at it again next year?” Scholla asked.

“Iron Dog – last year, I think was my 19th year. You know Scott Davis and I hooked back up after a year off. I think it was the longest Iron Dog marriage of eight or nine years. Usually, the average Iron Dog marriage is about five, but Scott and I are talking about next year, and it’s just one of those events that gets under your skin, and you just can’t pick it out. You know, I always tell my friends, ‘what a guy does for a week of vacation, and also it’s a very expensive gym membership,’ but looking forward to making a decision here very quickly on getting geared up for next year’s race,” Palin said.

“And you’ve brought it to the attention of a lot of folks in the Lower 48, so good for the sport as well,” Scholla said.

On Van Halen…

“As Van Halen maniacs, do you guys have a preference between David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar?” Scholla asked.

“That’s a good question. We met Valerie Bertinelli here last December, and we let her know that we were Van Halen fans going through high school and Trig – his middle name is Trig Paxson Van Palin – and Valerie and Eddie are still very close. They’re best of friends and so she had a big smile on her face, and she’s going to pass that on to Eddie. We’re big fans of both of them, you know, and hats off to them for their longevity and their good music,” Palin said.

“And I do love the kids’ names you’ve picked. We’ve gone that route too with some distinct names and I did mention that to the Governor when I met her a while back as well.

Gov. Palin’s Political Future: “You’ll have to ask her…”

As for the Palins politically, all doors still open down the road for Gov. Palin?” Scholla asked.

“You know, you’ll have to ask her that one day. I’m the supportive spouse. I don’t make those decisions for her. But right now, you know it’s a pretty important time in American history, and people need to wake up and get involved, and when you look at Sarah’s experience – local politics is the toughest politics. I mean, that’s her foundation; that’s her base. And when you have – being a mayor of a city and people are calling you, ‘get this dog out of my yard!’ and ‘in your face’ politics and she’s got a great foundation, but we have a huge election coming up in November and people need to be active,” Palin said.

Farewell and Sign-Off

“Listen, the guy’s been a superhero in a lot of his every-day, and on Stars Earn Stripes, he gets to play super hero with some different challenges. We’ll certainly be watching. Todd Palin, good luck with the show and everything else and all the best to your wonderful family,” Scholla said.

“I wouldn’t say super hero. I’m just you know technically a little tiny army guy for a few weeks, but I’m very excited about the show. It’s great, great operatives that you’re going to be very surprised when you hear who the military operatives are. I mean, we have Delta Force, we have Navy SEALS, we have first responders and just a great cast of celebrities and every one of them – I’m just so impressed – and you know – just class act Americans and good patriots, so I’m excited for the show and Kevin, thanks for taking the time out of your day to give me a call,” Palin said.

“Thank you, Todd. You’re the best. Take care,” Scholla said. “You too,” said Palin, as Scholla signed off the show.

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