Trig Palin Humbles Hollywood

Governor Palin posted the following statement via Facebook after comedian Wayne Brady’s comment at a “roast” of  liberal comedienne Roseanne Barr that attacked little Trig Palin.

Thank you, Wayne Brady. Trig truly is a blessing. I swear, to his family anyway, that extra chromosome he’s got is a Love Chromosome! Thank you for your gracious comment today.

On Friday, Brady posted the following apology for his comment at the roast:

This letter has taken me a few days to compose because of the conflicting emotions that I’ve experienced since the day of the Roast and it’s subsequent airing. The environment of the Roast is a comedic (hopefully), tasteless (mostly always), affair that encourages everyone to out-filth each other. Not normally what I’m known for, right? But, when I was invited, I jumped at the chance to play outside of my perceived “norm” and have fun. The Jeff joke was written for me and at the end of the day I take full responsibility for saying it. It wasn’t meant as a slam to Trig and at the time I didn’t see it that way.

I could defend it as a performer, but I would rather apologize from the bottom of my heart as a father….

To the Palins, please know that no malice or harm was meant. To the other families who were touched negatively, I hope you’ll be able to accept this apology as well.

I’ve always said that people in the public eye should be held responsible for what you say and I’m no hypocrite. Thanks for reading and letting me express my side.

His full Facebook message is here.

Was Brady only apologizing because he was booed when he delivered the disgusting line? He got defensive here.

I wonder if the person who thought of this disgusting “joke”  sleeps at night. Brady says he didn’t write it, but the person who did would do his conscience well if he/she would step forward and apologize.

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