White House Already Using Palin Against Romney/Ryan

In an article in The Hill this morning, David Axelrod grabs at every straw he can to minimize momentum for Paul Ryan.  You see, with folks like Sarah Palin, Styrofoam columns aren’t needed to accentuate enthusiasm from the crowd.  This created a very irritated Obama campaign that weren’t too happy when Governor Palin’s rallies maxed 60,000 shortly after McCain announced her as his VP running mate. 

So, just as Obama surrogates do in the case of our horrible job numbers, Axelrod once again has to deceive the American people on the facts in a very lame attempt to bash Paul Ryan’s sudden surge. 

In a statement on CBS this morning, Axelrod says: 

“When John McCain appointed Sarah Palin, as well, there were huge crowds, much of the same kind of reaction, and I don’t think it worked out very well.”  

 In other words, the Obama campaign is terrified.  You see, that is the only reason the Palin-card is used with the administration.  The only problem is it makes them look kind of silly. 

The reason is because Obama had momentum leading up to November of 2008 – along with the full blessing of the lamestream media. 

He sent a thrill up Chris Matthews’ leg.  He made Oprah tingle.  

But those sensations were killed when Palin came out to excite by being herself and carrying the proven resolve she earned in Alaska along with her 80-90% approval ratings as a Governor with actual executive experience

The most laughable part of liberal mouthpieces like Axelrod when they assume that Palin didn’t work out “very well” is that it doesn’t say too much about Obama’s ability to get elected on his own merits.  

Did Obama win because he was so impressive?  Or did he win because McCain/Palin was so scary?  

Apparently, Axelrod and the rest of the left don’t seem to understand that in a world of logic, it’s not possible to have it both ways.  And to think these are the alleged-strategists who get paid the big bucks! 

Now, he’s using the same line on Paul Ryan.  Effective conservatives who provide a charge to boring campaign strategy of the GOPe are allegedly so scary that Americans will line up to vote again for a community organizer?  One who lied when he said he’d hold healthcare negotiations on CSPAN.  One who lied when he said if only we’d let him squander a trillion dollars of money we don’t have on a failed stimulus, he’d keep unemployment below 8%.  One who once said it was unpatriotic to create Bush-sized deficits only to double and triple them.  

I’m not surprised when liberals continue to invoke the name of Sarah Palin when the facts are so simple, just not in their favor.  She balanced her budget as Governor and in fact cut it.  She was able to not only put billions away for her state but she managed to increase benefits for senior citizens as well. 

Obama on the other hand rips hundreds of billions of dollars out of Medicare to fund Obamacare and undoes the Clinton/Gingrich Welfare Reform of the 90’s – all in a purposeful attempt to bankrupt small business and make “the people” more reliant on his government.

And of course, we can never rely on Kevin Madden, Andrea Saul, or anyone else in the Romney camp to use these Palin-facts to counter this as they seem to nonsensically believe that it’s easier to bask in the same false narratives instead of fighting them.  Of course, they aren’t smart enough to realize this will hurt both Romney and Ryan from now until November. 

We should be able to rely on the media and these strategists to do their jobs.  But of course, it will probably be us, commonsense conservatives who carries this ticket as far as they’ll let us since their handlers lack the backbone to do the job.

The saddest part of all is they won’t realize it’s all to their own detriment until it’s too late.

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