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Note: The following interview was originally published on US4Palin. The interview was conducted by Kevin Scholla of AGU-PA and the transcript was prepared by Ron Devito of AGU-NY.

Our Sarah: Made in Alaska was 1,000 pages when the first draft was written, Chuck Heath, Jr. said during an interview with Kevin Scholla, host SarahNET Radio. Scholla is interviewing both authors in a special two-part series. Chuck Heath, Jr. said, Our Sarah brought his father and him “closer together searching through memories,” and described it as “one of the the highlights of the book.”

Lives Formed on a Dirt Basketball Court

The Heaths had a dirt basketball court out back when we were young. They used to play there every single day and had to shovel the snow off of it in the winter. “It was very competitive and we used to have our arguments too and little scuffles, but we supported each other and we went to each other’s games. It was a huge part of our lives,” Chuck Heath, Jr. said.

Our Sarah Idea Born Years Ago to Chronicle “Our Crazy Adventures”

Scholla asked if setting the record straight was the motivator for writing Our Sarah.

“There was a lot of reasons. I bugged dad for years – even before Sarah hit the national scene – about writing a book about our crazy adventures we’d been through for our entire lives. He being a long-time guide. He has a great background and was always telling stories…then four years ago, when Sarah hit the national stage, we had to sit back and listen as book after book and article after article was written trashing her, miscategorizing her, distorting her record – people that didn’t even know her were trashing her.”

Chuck Heath, Jr. said that over 100 books were written about Gov. Palin and only a few were accurate – “two were written by Sarah herself, and the other by Kaylene Johnson and other than that, nobody really knew the inside story. So, dad and I started putting our heads together and said, “Enough’s enough. Let’s get out there and grab all her closest friends and family and let’s tell the truth from the inside for once, so that’s how it all started.”

To Palin Supporters Who Think They Know All: Read the Book

Scholla asked Chuck Jr. what parts of the book he would recommend to a big Palin supporter who perhaps thinks he or she knows all there is to know about Gov. Palin but still may find certain things surprising or new.

“I think looking back into her childhood…they’re going to have to read the book and see how all these experiences formed her character and made her tough, and just what a good decision-maker she was even as a child. You know, she was born with something a little different than the rest of us, like I mentioned in the book, her grandmother commented that she was going to do something very special in her life. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew it was something. Lots of things stood out when she was very young,” Chuck Heath, Jr. said.

Write, Write, Write!

Scholla asked Chuck Heath, Jr. if there was a favorite part of the book for him to work on.

“Boy…it was – you know – sitting down and writing a book for the first time seemed like such a daunting task until we actually started putting the framework together. Then, we couldn’t stop. It was ‘write, write, write,’ and then ‘what are we going to take out of this? We’ve got too much stuff,’ so it ended up being a great experience,” Chuck Heath, Jr. said.

Gov Palin’s Rise to Political Power

“When you were kids and you talked about careers, did Sarah ever mention ‘President’ or anything like that at all or is her political emergence something that Chuck Heath, Jr. as a kid could never have imagined would happen?” Scholla asked.

“Well, you never imagine your little sister is going to run for Vice President or attain the things she’s attained in politics. Like I said, something was special about her. Even though she was in student government in girls state and captaining all these teams in high school. I never imagined her being Governor of Alaska until she put her head down and started forging ahead. I guess the first thing for me was seeing her as Mayor, and the success she had in Wasilla. She basically turned that city around when people thought it couldn’t be done. And she got so much encouragement and support from the friends and family who knew what she had done there, and really pushed her into this running for governor. We chronicle all that in the book,” Chuck Heath, Jr. said.

Gov Palin Forged in a Watery Crucible

“And you mention her toughness….and you talk about in the book how Sarah Palin worked in the commercial fishing business. Why is that such an important aspect of her character?” Scholla asked.

“Well, it shows that she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty for one thing. It didn’t matter that it was mostly a man’s world. Nothing was going to stop her. She saw the guys out there making money, and so she jumped right into it,” Chuck Heath, Jr. said promising that readers would learn much more from Our Sarah.

Overcoming the Attacks

“So she is to so many people a hero and a leader in the conservative cause, but you’re her big brother and as a brother myself I know how that relationship goes. How have you dealt with all of the attacks against your sister over the years? Has it been even tougher because you even think back to the days of – you know – you talk about that dirt basketball court – is it that playground mentality too sometimes like ‘hey, you know – back off here'” Scholla asked.

“It’s been really tough at times. My blood’s boiled hearing some of the things I’ve heard – especially out in public and somebody who has no clue what they’re talking about – yelling out some falsehood that they heard from some lamestream source – and all the profanity – just this grossness – that you want to retaliate – that’s exactly what the lamestream wants you to do and we were told that later on, ‘you know you’ve gotta let this stuff roll off your back’ and we have and as much as it has hurt, I guess this is our little – our jab back now, because this book is going to set a lot of people straight,” Chuck Heath, Jr. said.

The Building of Gov Palin’s Character

“You have all been unbelievable in that category: Todd, yourself, the kids. It’s really been amazing. Chuck, what would you say was the most fun you had with Sarah when you were kids. Is there something in particular that was most special to you or you know just the best times as far as having a good time?” Scholla asked.

“There were so many different things: the constant hunting and fishing trips, sitting around the campfire. I remember making homemade ice cream out in cabins in the woods, ice fishing trips in the winter, all the sports trips, different church activities. There were so many things that we did together. Dad got rid of the TV in the summertime and we were out on constant ventures. The winter didn’t slow us down either, but there were just so many different things that bound us together,” Chuck Heath, Jr. said.

Book Tour Information

“Well, this is such a great idea and I’m glad it’s a reality now, and you’ll be promoting the book with a book tour. How can people find out where you’ll be?” Scholla asked.

“Well, they can go to Facebook and look up my name, Chuck Heath, Jr. and they’ll see a link to an Our Sarah Made in Alaska Page where they can get all the tour schedule. We’ve got a full media schedule this week. I think we’re hitting eight or nine different cities around the United States from New York to Florida all the way back over to Washington, Idaho, Ohio, Georgia – I know I’m leaving something out here – Alabama. So, we’re going to crisscross the country and hopefully, we’ll get a good response,” Chuck Heath, Jr. said.

Stay Tuned for Kevin’s interview with Chuck Heath, Sr.

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