@AGUGrizzlies: Nick @Popaditch (CA-53) Will Work To #WiseItUp In DC; Meet Nick!

Nick Popaditch is the only candidate for CA-53 who has the wise and strong leadership needed to bring real reform to DC. Nick won’t go along to get along, or kick the can down the road. Nick Popaditch will #WiseItUp and work to stop politics as usual in DC.

Nick was recently added to the AGU General Election Candidates List: HERE

Members of American Grizzlies United had the pleasure of watching Nick last weekend at the Wake Up America Rally in San Diego. At the San Diego rally Nick’s bold off the cuff, remarks were inspiring, honest, and necessary for such a time as this:

Nick Popaditch is a hero. He is also one of the most constitutionally stable candidates alive and kicking these days. Together, when we send our new president a new congress, let’s make sure we send Nick on a new mission; a new mission for us.

Nick Popaditch needs to be one the representatives we send our new president to make sure government gets back on the side of the people.

From Nick’s hometown in Indiana to life in the Marine Corps. From his wounds in combat rendering him blind, to his rehabilitation and recovery, to his run for Congress. See his story:

Let’s do everything we can to help Nick on this new mission. Nick’s mission is to help get America back to the time tested truths that made this country GRRREAT! Nick’s mission is our mission.

If you live near the San Diego area, there is a Meet & Greet with Nick Popaditch:

Where: 9600 Sierra Vista Avenue La Meso 91941

When: Saturday September 22, 2012. 10 AM – 12 PM

RSVP: 619-933-8871 or email Cot@ZemonMortgqge.com

To learn more about Nick Popaditch visit his campaign website:


To contribute to Nick’s campaign:


To get involved and volunteer for Nick:


(You can also email: thomas@americangrizzlies.com)

We really need all hands on deck this November. Real people like Nick Popaditch, real people like us, not inside the beltway professionals, are the solution and future of our country.

Please join our cause. Our work continues.

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