Brian Calle | Public employee unions fight popular reforms, tooth and nail

Public-sector employee unions, faced with mounting evidence and growing public opinion in opposition to their compensation levels and political influence, are responding, in many instances, with defiance.

The Chicago Teachers Union strike last week is an apt example but far from the only instance of union resistance to necessary changes to public policy.

Instead of embracing the inevitable necessity of reform, however, unions more often are digging in, even resorting to publicity stunts to improve their image instead of addressing the issues.

Just prior to the start of the Democratic National Convention this month in Charlotte, N.C., labor unions set up a “Hug a Thug” booth at an associated festival as a way to manipulate public impressions about organized labor. The event was a tacit recognition that public outcry against unions has grown. But actions speak louder than either words or public-relations ploys.


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