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Bristol Palin is here! Breaking It Down With Bristol- Episode 1: Bristol Palin is ready to embark on another dance adventure. Today, Bristol talks with Kevin Scholla about her expectations for Dancing With The Stars: All Stars. After a strong showing her first time around, Bristol is paired with Mark Ballas once again and she’s excited for a terrific season. Find out if Bristol’s been practicing her steps and what her mom, Sarah Palin thinks about her return to the show. Tune in now and each week to “Breaking It Down With Bristol” on SarahNET Radio and get the inside scoop on DWTS with Bristol Palin and Kevin Scholla.

Sign-On and Introduction

“She did so well her first time around, they wanted her back and now, Bristol Palin is an All Star – Dancing With the Stars All Stars kicking off and Bristol returns. In 2010, Bristol Palin thrilled her supporters and silenced her naysayers with a solid third place performance. She was only a teenager at the time. Now, she’s at it again with the same dance partner and getting ready to face another challenge. Our first episode of Breaking it Down with Bristol and we are very excited to have her. I am here with Bristol Palin, and Bristol – Dancing with the Stars All Stars getting set to start. Are you ready to roll?” Scholla asked.

“Yeah, I’m so excited! It’s been so awesome, just rehearsing with Mark again. I just can’t wait to go out there the first week. Hopefully, I will surprise some people and be a better dancer than last time,” Bristol said.

Bristol Happy to be Dancing Again with Mark Ballas

“Well, you did a great job last time and you are happy to be paired with Mark Ballas again. You two seemed to have great chemistry last time. I know you’re friends away from the dance floor too,” Scholla said. “Yeah, absolutely. He’s one of my dear friends. He’s an awesome guy. He’s like family to me, so it’s nice to be with him, and I’m just so excited. I can’t wait,” Bristol said.

“Were you surprised, because the first reports said they were trying to mix people up – have a different thing. It’s probably and advantage for you to have the same partner,” Scholla said. “Yeah, absolutely, and I was definitely nervous about who I would be paired up with if it wasn’t Mark, because I’ve worked with Mark before and it would be weird trying to dance with anyone else, but no – I’m very thankful I have Mark and I know I’m in very good hands,” Bristol said.

DWTS Expectations Then and Now

“Is it a lot different now that you know what to expect and have some experience as opposed to your first go-around?” Scholla asked.

“You know, I think it’s more intimidating because we know what’s coming, and when you do the show the first time – like for me personally – I never really thought too much about it. But, then after the show is done and stuff, you realize how big it actually is. Dancing With the Stars is on in lots of different countries. It’s a big deal. So, just after the show realizing how big of a deal it really is – it’s kind of scary – and now going into it again, you know it’s a big deal so I just want to do well, get better each week and hope I get past that first week, but I think it’s going to be really good,” Bristol said.

Bristol Had Not Hit the Floor Since 2010 Finale

“Did you dance at all since the first show, just for fun or maybe for some training, or is this the first time since then that you’re back on the floor?” Scholla asked.

“This is the first time since the finale that I’ve done any sort of dancing, unless it was – you know – running around with Tripp in the house or something,” Bristol said. “I’m sure with Nick on or Disney Jr., I was going to say,” Scholla added. “Yeah, like dancing to country in the car or something like that, but no I haven’t ripped out a Jive anywhere or done anything like that.”

Bristol on Attracting Voters and Thankful for Palin Supporters’ Help

“You know Palin supporters will have your back. How do you grab the other voters? Last time, you got a lot of people who helped you out from a Palin standpoint. How do you grab those other voters? Is it just by performance? Is it just how you do? Or is there another way to attract the voters?” Scholla asked.

“You know, I’m not sure. I just want to go out there and be myself. I’m so thankful for the support I received the first go-around, and I’m just praying that it will continue and I hope that I’ll do good for all those people who did vote for me the last time and I’m just so very excited and I’m so blessed to have so many people who do support me,” Bristol said.

DWTS Like a Big Weekly Family Reunion

“What do your folks think of you going for it again? Any advice from them?” Scholla asked.

“They’re excited. They’re definitely in support of it, and it’s so fun, because each week we can have family there. Family’s in the audience, so it’s like a big family reunion every week. It’s just such a positive competition, you know – it’s going to be great.”

“You know if mom and dad show up, they might play some Van Halen songs for you, so you’ve got to be careful there,” Scholla said jokingly. Bristol responded with a laughing “I know.”

Sign-Off and Farewell

“Well Bristol, we hope this is another long run for you on the show, and we’ll talk to you again next week,” Scholla said. “Sounds good. Thank you so much,” Bristol said.

Dancing With the Stars premieres Monday, September 24 at 2000 / 8 PM EDT. Viewers can vote for Team Ballin by calling in, texting (AT&T customers only) and via email. “Breaking it Down with Bristol” is a special SarahNET Radio and Six Seeds Faith and Family Channel series dedicated to covering each week of Bristol on Dancing with the Stars. Bristol will also be guest blogging for Access Hollywood while on the show.

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