Chicago Tribune | Voters still uncertain about Multiple Choice Mitt

Not many at the convention hall in Florida voted for Obama. Romney’s certain of getting their votes.

But these are uncertain times, and the rest of America is still afraid and exhausted, and oddly, it is Romney who is the uncertain personality in all of this.

America knows what Obama has done, either to them or for them. They remember the wind out of Obama’s mouth in Boston when he didn’t want those red and blue states dividing us, and again in Denver and then onto Chicago on his election night. They were bathed in his rhetoric and his promise, and now they’re faced with the reality.

So they’ve made up their minds about him, for him or against him, but they haven’t yet made their minds up about Romney. He’s a fabulously wealthy man, a second-generation presidential candidate whose convention scripters kept offering us stories about poor immigrants searching for the American Dream as if somehow that was Romney’s story.



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