Detroit News | New charter schools provide choice in Michigan

Families throughout the state will have 31 new school choices this fall. The  charter schools are opening following the passage of a law late last year that  gradually lifts the cap on these alternative public schools. Michigan charter  school authorizers carefully chose the schools and are confident they will offer  students new and better options. It’s encouraging to see these schools emerge,  and the quality of charters will likely continue to rise in coming years.

Charter schools are not a magic bullet to success, and detractors like to  point out how many charters don’t boast test scores all that higher than their  traditional public school counterparts. But research shows that plenty of  charters do outperform other public schools, especially when children stay in  the charter for several years. And parents could have a plethora of reasons for  choosing one school over another — from extracurricular programs to safety  concerns.

What’s important is giving families the choice. Too many children in Michigan  haven’t had options if they were stuck in a poor-performing school. Now that’s  changing.



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